I, Saul - Jerry B. Jenkins

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Told from the point of view of the disciple Luke, the apostle Paul and "Auggie," a modern-day scholar, I, Saul, is a fast-paced story of intrigue and mystery. Readers will be reminded of Indiana Jones and the DiVinci code as they become absorbed in this page-turner by a master storyteller. Along the way they will learn of the fictionalized but plausible story of the life of Saul who relentlessly persecuted Christ's followers prior to his conversion when he became known as Paul.

My Thoughts:

In true Jerry B. Jenkins style, you are transported back to the Holy sites of Israel, and Rome, not only are you transported back, you are on this hunt for a memoir of Paul that was left in the prison he was in.
As you go back and forth between present day and biblical times, you are caught up in this page turning thriller.
Whether you are familiar with Jerry B. Jenkins or not, this is a book for everyone. Grab a copy and be prepared to travel with Auggie and Luke into the life of one of the greatest apostles of all time.

Highly recommended!!!


The Final Sacrament

The Final Sacrament (October 22, 2013; Historical Fiction; $14.99; Trade Paper; 9781402272721) presents the gripping conclusion to this Elizabethan adventure, where religious tensions, political intrigue, and personal vendettas collide. 

1566. William Harley, Clarenceux King of Arms, has risked his life to protect a secret document, which could endanger Queen Elizabeth’s place on the throne and plunge the country into civil war. But when his family goes missing, Clarenceux is put to the final test.

Will he abandon queen and country to save the ones he loves, or sacrifice everything for the good of the nation?

Filled with Mortimer’s signature historical detail and vivid characters, The Final Sacrament delivers a dramatic close to the Clarenceux saga that highlights the adventure and spiritual struggles of Elizabethan England.

James Forrester is the pen name of acclaimed British historian Ian Mortimer, author of nonfiction works including The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England (a Sunday Times bestseller). He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1998, and was awarded the Alexander Prize (2004) by the Royal Historical Society for his work on the social history of medicine. www.jamesforrester.co.uk

My Thoughts:
The Final Sacrament is the concluding volume in the Clarenceux Trilogy. For me this was the best book of the three. Queen Elizabeth's crown is in the balance and William Harley has the document that could make or break it. A document that says that Anne Boleyn married Henry Percy which would make Queen Elizabeth I illegitimate.
This book is full of action, and great Tudor period mystery. If you enjoy the Tudor period this series is perfect for you.

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Highly recommended!
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