Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Top Ten Tuesday - Bookish Super Powers I Wish I Had


Happy Tuesday Evening! Today was a little crazy, to say the least. I had a Drs. appointment and we had a plumber out about our water heater. It was leaking and with my hubby being on workman's comp because of his injury my brain was preoccupied with that expense and I couldn't think about Top Ten Tuesday just the possible expense. I will post a link with my Epileptologist on the news at the end. Every person who struggles with a chronic illness needs a doctor like him!!

My top ten super powers I wish I had:

One - The ability to read a book in one day. I used to do that on the daily but those days are gone! That was pre-epilepsy. 

Two - A brain box that catalogs all of my favorite characters, not just the book boyfriends I  collect. 

Three - The ability to literally visit bookish lands while I'm reading.

Four - The ability to bring any book character to life. Book boyfriends is a no-go for this. LOL

Five - The ability to organize my books both in color and alphabetical order.

Six - The ability to create another bookcase when needed.

Seven - The ability to jump into the book and stop a fight from happening and/or fix the ending if it makes me sad.

Eight - The ability to scan pages; not to get spoilers, but to look for triggers or things I wouldn't like that would cause a DNF.

Nine - The ability to speed up publishing so I don't have to wait so long for a book to be released.

Ten - This has to be the best one!! To lose weight reading and writing reviews!!!

Sorry for the lateness. I hope you enjoyed my list!

Please watch this video of my epileptologist on our local news talking about how insurance companies don't care for patients.


I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy my top ten.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Up From Dust; Martha's Story by Heather Kaufman Reviewed



About the book:

Title: Up From Dust; Martha's Story

Author: Heather Kaufman

Genre: Biblical fiction

No stranger to adversity, Martha of Bethany is a woman of dust, undone and unseen in her hurt and loss. After her mother's untimely death, the responsibility for raising her siblings—Lazarus and Mary—lies heavily on her shoulders. She finds solace in a new friendship and the beginnings of first love, but her father's disapproval and unforeseen hardship leave Martha broken and guarded.

Twelve years later, when her friend's husband contracts a severe disease, they send for the new rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth. Martha recognizes the miraculous Healer from a story she heard many years ago, and the life-changing encounter reawakens Martha's hardened heart, even as she faces an unknown future.

Grab your copy HERE!

My Thoughts:

Biblical fiction is one of my favorite genres and I love reading debut authors, so I got a bonus with this book! I have read three books about Martha and while I enjoyed each one I think Ms. Kaufman's is my favorite. It was clear she'd researched Martha, I liked how she showed why Mary was so frustrating to her. It made the story of Martha and Mary more realistic. I have a little brother so I could identify.

The pace of the book was perfect. I kept waiting for Jesus to arrive on the scene and was so glad when He did.

Ms. Kaufman is an author I will have on my radar and I highly recommend her. If you enjoy biblical fiction I encourage you to pick up this book. You won't be disappointed!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

About Heather Kaufman

Heather’s passion for storytelling started at an early age, from scribbled poetry at age six, to a full-length novel by sixteen. Over the years, her love of writing grew, eventually leading her to earn a BA in English from McKendree University and an MA in English, Writing Studies from the University of Missouri—St. Louis.


Heather is the author of multiple books and devotions and delights in highlighting the goodness of God through storytelling.


She is married to Andrew and together they have three adorable children and one persnickety dog. When not reading, writing, editing, or accumulating mounds of books, Heather can be found exploring new parks with her family, enjoying yet another cup of coffee, or working on a home improvement project. She and her family make their home in St. Louis, Missouri.

You can connect with Heather on the following social media accounts.

Facebook || Instagram || Goodreads || Website 

Loyally, Luke (Skymar, #3) by Pepper Basham Reviewed

About the book:

Title: Loyally, Luke

Author: Pepper Basham

Series: Skymar #3

Genre: Clean Romance, Christian Fiction

Luke Edgewood isn’t a romantic.

Or, at least, he’s always felt certain Hallmark movies and romcoms were invented more as punishment for average guys than adding any real value to cinema. He’s a behind-the-scenes, flannel-wearing guy who lives a quiet life of obscurity and places value on working hard and being a good friend, neighbor, and brother. So when he travels to the island of Skymar to work on a few building projects, he never expects to find himself directly in the middle of a romantic trope-filled story of Hallmark proportions. From a Meet Cute that was anything but cute and an aging orphanage in need of as much tender care as the children it houses, Luke begins to wonder if he and his heart may be victims of some sort of hidden camera movie moment.

Elianna St. Claire, youngest daughter of King Alecsander and Queen Gabriella of the Skymarian Islands, is trying to earn her way back into the status of working royal after botching her public and private life with some ill-timed choices which ruined her reputation and damaged the family. Now, older and wiser, she’s determined to prove worthy of her title. Taking on a renovation of her beloved orphanage, Cambric Hall, (of which she is patron) shouldn’t be such a difficult job. Happy to escape her mother’s strong encouragement of matrimony, she finds pseudo-anonymity in the secluded mountains to oversee the orphanages renovations until her parents announce her official return as a working royal at the Wild Hyacinth Ball.

When Ellie learns the man she’d literally ran into at the coffee shop is the one who has been hired to help with the orphanage’s repairs, she’s determined to keep her royal status as secret as possible. From fundraisers to fake dates to sleigh rides and snowball fights, Ellie and Luke begin to discover that the wrong first impressions may lead to a romantic possibility with romcom flavored magic included.

But when Ellie’s true identity is revealed and royal expectations bring Luke out of his preferred anonymity into the spotlight of the royal life, will their budding relationship fall prey to a very unhappily-ever-after ending?

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Christian Book | Goodreads| Bookshop

My Thoughts:

Oh-My-Gosh, Oh-My-Gosh!!! I have been waiting for Luke's story since Ms. Basham started the Skymarian series, and she did not disappoint in fact it was better than I could've ever imagined!! Luke is so against romance, especially all the princessy-ness but once he meets Princess Ellie all bets are off!! Not only does she knock his socks off, but she also shows that princesses aren't all girly.

I love this book!!! Luke is one of my favorite heroes and I hope Ms. Basham continues this series. Izzy, Penelope, and Luke are such fun siblings and I am hoping this isn't the end of their stories.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About Pepper Basham

I love a good romance, whether it’s set in an Edwardian era manor house or a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Readers enjoy my fun, dramatic, heart-warming, and inspirational novels with the certainty of a happily-ever-after.

Though some of my contemporaries have a Britallachian twist, others are Mayberry-esque, while others bring about the elegance and struggles of the Downton Abbey era. If any of these story ideas sound good to you, take some time to peruse my cyber corner of the world. “Sit a spell” as we’d say in my neck of the woods and let me ‘spin you a yarn’ filled with a few of my favorite things.

You can find Pepper on the following social media sites. Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Top Ten Tuesday Valentine Rom-Com Fun


Happy Tuesday!!! Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday sponsored by The Artsy Reader Girl. Today's topic is a Valentine freebie so I decided to put together a list of fun Rom-Com reads. These are my favorites and there are some great ones out and soon to be released.

This releases on May 14, 2024
This beauty releases on Valentine's Day.
This book releases on March 1.
I have not read this book, but have it on good authority that it is not a sweet clean read like all of the other books listed. It contains foul language and open door bedroom scenes. So, if you are sensitive to that then you probably shouldn't read it.

This releases on March 16th. 

This releases on April 2nd.

Have you read any of these or have them on your radar for this year? Please let me know in the comments. Have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, February 9, 2024

First Line Friday - Featuring Karen Witemeyer


Welcome to First Line Friday!!! I haven't participated in First Line Friday since November. EEKS! I keep saying that I'm going to post one and get distracted. The pains of getting old. LOL

I received an early copy of If the Boot Fits by Karen Witemeyer and I thought it would be perfect for First Line Friday!

First, is that not the cutest cover? I just love it!!

About the book:

Determined to prove that cattle king Eli Dearing has no justification for evicting his stepmother and half brothers, Asher Ellis uses the cover of a fancy ball to break into the Three Cedars ranch house to search for proof of wrongdoing. On the verge of discovery, he flees, but a boy's cry compels him to make a daring rescue.

Spunky and independent, Samantha Dearing balks when she learns the ball her father is hosting in her honor is nothing more than a matrimonial ambush. Taking a break from her unwanted suitors, Samantha spots a thief fleeing her home. When the stranger ends up saving her brother's life, she hides the only clue to his identity left behind--his boot--and resolves to find him herself.

But when Samantha encounters the older brother of a student she tutors, all thoughts of the bootless mystery man vanish. And although Asher tries to keep his distance from Samantha for reasons of his own, a series of suspicious accidents befall her, and his protective instincts flare, no matter the cost to their future.

This Western reimagining of the classic Cinderella fairy tale is an enchanting story of courage, family, and the power of true love.

Goodreads || Amazon || Baker Book House || Barnes & Noble 

First Line:




She'd only been home from school for two weeks, and already her father was trying to marry her off. Silently fuming, Samantha Dearing yanked open the door to her father's study and stepped inside.

It's been quite a while since I've read a Karen Witemeyer book but her humor is still the same and I'm loving every minute of this book. I could have read all night on Wednesday but my eyes wouldn't let me. This book should be on your preorder list. It releases on March 12th! Don't miss this book!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I Recommend The Most


Hi! Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday sponsored by The Artsy Reader Girl. I'm doing an older topic because my health last year derailed my reading so I didn't read as many "new to me authors" as I planned. 

One  Laura Frantz


Two Pepper Basham


Three Courtney Walsh


Four Becky Wade


Five  Ronie Kendig


Six  Sarah Sundin


Seven James Rubart


Eight Rachel Hauck


Nine Susan Meissner


Ten Mesu Andrews

If you haven't read any of these authors I hope you'll find one, two, or maybe more to read. 

I'd love to know what authors were new to you. I only had a handful.

T.I. Lowe 

Janine Rosche

Sara Staggs

Kassandra Garrison

Rebekah Millet

I enjoyed each of these books. Just wish I would've had more.

What authors do you recommend the most, and who were your new to me authors? Let me know in the comments

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Top Ten Tuesday . . . Books I Didn't Get To In 2023


Happy Tuesday, and welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday sponsored by The Artsy Reading Girl. I could fill this post with bunches of books I intended to read last year but never got to. You'd think all the time I spent in the hospital last year I wouldn't have any unread books. My TBR would be cleared; sadly that just doesn't happen. I've added these to my 24 in 2024 challenge in hopes that I will actually finish them.

Do you have books you didn't finish in 2023 but wanted to? Now, is your time! Create a 24 in 2024 list from your tbr. 

Have you read any of this list?

I don't know if you're like me or not, but it's not like I haven't started these books. I started them at different times last year, something would happen and I'd pick up a different one and never get back to it. It was both annoying and crazy. 

Top Ten Tuesday - Bookish Super Powers I Wish I Had

  Happy Tuesday Evening! Today was a little crazy, to say the least. I had a Drs. appointment and we had a plumber out about our water heate...