Interview and Giveaway . . . Steffani from The Cozy Life Etsy Shop

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Today, I thought I'd do something a little different an interview not only a reader, but someone who creates these fun cozies to put books in. They are not only pretty, and functional, they scream book lover!!

Let's meet Steffani . . . by the way, her name is spelled almost exactly like my daughter Stefani's only she has one more f.

The cozy that is up for giveaway. Isn't it pretty?!

Hi Steffani!

How about we break the ice first . . .

Mountains or Beach?   

Steffani: That’s a touch one! I love both!

Andi: I'm a beach person, but I have to admit that I do enjoy the mountains. Kinda hard to admit that since I complain about not being back in Florida.

Iphone or Android?  

Steffani:  Iphone

Andi: I had an Android and liked it, but I like the ease of the Iphone and being able to FT with my kids and grandkids.

Water, Sweet Tea, or?  

Steffani: Water or Hot Chocolate

Andi: Water and sweet tea, and every once in awhile a Dutch Bros. grasshopper mocha. I like hot chocolate in winter, definitely!

 Kindle or Book?   

Steffani: Definitely a book! I much prefer to hold the physical book rather than an e-reader

Andi: I like both, I prefer a physical book, but I read faster on my kindle, no clue why. So, when I'm behind in reading for reviews I am always thankful to have an e-copy.

Summer or Winter?  

Steffani: WINTER! I’m sorry, did I yell that? It feels like I yelled it. I’m just not a fan of any kind of heat, haha. Bring me cold days and rain/snow!

Andi: LOL, yeah kinda. But, I totally understand. I feel that way after winter and things start to warm up. 

I love your name, my daughter’s name is Stefani, with just one f. Was your name misspelled and pronounced wrong when you were growing up?

Steffani: Thank you! I did/do get a lot of people pronouncing it like Gwen Stefani’s last name and if I don’t spell it out for people they will get it wrong 100% of the time. But I don’t remember ever caring that those things happened. I enjoy having my name spelled differently. It makes me feel unique.

Andi: You're welcome! After Gwen Stefani gained in popularity people seemed to pronounce her name more correctly. All of my girls have unique names with unique spellings, I wanted them to be unique and special. I had a lady at church tell me after the birth of my last child, "So, I hear you had another girl, and gave her a weird name with a weird spelling." First, I couldn't believe she said that to me, and my reply "Like your boys names took any imagination." LOL

Are you a reader? What do you enjoy reading?

Steffani: Yes!! I love reading! Hands down, my favorite author is Ronie Kendig. I adore everything she writes. I also love Dani Pettrey and Jaime Jo Wright!

Andi:  I remember the first book of Ronie Kendig's that I read and I fell in love with her writing. Being a Navy brat/wife, had nothing to do with it, right?! 

How did you come up with Cozy’s? 

Steffani:Well, there were already other makers of book sleeves but I started making mine because some of my friends could never get the ones they were after. The name book Cozy was created during a brainstorming session with two of my closest friends!

Andi: I adore the name and the cozies! I want one of each of them. My husband not knowing what they were said they looked like book pillows. 

Have you always enjoyed making things?

Steffani: Not so much. I took sewing lessons when I was a kid but I hated it. It’s only been very recently that I’ve actually enjoyed it.

Andi: My grandmother taught me to embroider, and I still enjoy doing it, but since I have carpal tunnel it's hard at times.

When you aren’t making cozy’s what do you like to do?

Steffani: I love reading or writing Christian fiction. I started writing when I was eight and fell in love with it. My Grandma and Dad also enjoy writing so I guess it was bound to grab a hold of me sooner or later. I also enjoy hanging out with my family and my Belgian Malinois, Apollo!

Andi: Two wonderful past-times. I am constantly reading, and I have been working on a novel for a few years, I think loving the written word draws us to write it in story form. 
I guessed that a Belgian Malinois was a dog, but I looked it up just to make sure. Pretty dog. 

Why did you choose an Etsy storefront?  What are the drawbacks to Etsy?

Steffani: I chose Etsy because it seemed like a straightforward way to do business. I’m not very tech savvy so I needed something I could figure out quickly. So far I haven’t come across any drawbacks. 

Andi: It does seem like a pretty easy site. I have a couple of friends who also sell from it and like it.

Thanks for chatting with me today, is there anything else you’d like to tell me about yourself or store? Thanks so much for offering to giveaway a cozy to one of my readers.

Steffani: Thank you for having me. It was a fun interview!  Good luck to the entrants! 

Steffani is a born and raised Northern Californian. Married to her college sweetheart, she’s a mommy to three kiddos and her Belgian Malinois, Apollo. She learned how to sew at a young age and now runs her own business, The Cozy Life, where she creates bookish Cozies. She lives by the idea that everything should be cozy, even books! She has a penchant for collecting copies of Pride and Prejudice, loves going to the movies, and writes romantic suspense in her spare time. You can visit her shop at: and her Instagram:


Cozy for the book . . .


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