Can't Wait Wednesday

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Starting a new weekly feature here at Radiant Light called Can't Wait Wednesday. I am joining Wishful Endings in featuring a book that I am excited to read, or patiently waiting for it to release. This week I am going to be featuring a favored author James L. Rubart's upcoming release this coming February, yes, I know seven more months. Like I told Mr. Rubart something to look forward in the winter months of the new year.

The Man He Never Was - Pre-Order

About the book:

Torren Daniels has been missing for two and a half years. His wife has moved on and is in a serious relationship. His kids have accepted his death. So when he shows up on their front porch two years and six months to the day he disappeared, they’re shocked and not sure how to react, mostly because Torren was a man full of platitudes and promises—which he broke 90 percent of the time—and a wicked temper. None of them can say they’re truly glad he’s back. Good man to the community, the business world. But behind closed doors? Not so much.

But Torren has changed. Radically changed. His wife and kids come first. He keeps his promises to them, and they truly become his priority in life. There’s joy. Playfulness. Love. A real commitment to God that was only a cliche before he vanished. The man he’d always been to those outside his family is now true for them as well. He’s been given a second chance. To see what life could be like if he could finally live out of the man he’s always wanted to be.

Torren has absolutely no memory of the time he was away and no explanation for the change in him. He doesn’t care. The old man has died and he’s finally the man he’s always longed to be deep down.
But as the months go on, his memory slowly returns. And the more the memories come, the more Torren slips back into being the man he was before. How can he hang on to the new man he’s become? And who is he really? The man he was . . . or the man he is?

Mr. Rubart's books are like a fine meal, after you finish and not only feel comfortably full you feel satisfied. Each one of his books have touched my heart and made me think, something that most fiction doesn't do today. As I read the back cover copy I thought how in the world does this guy come up with this stuff? I also like that his main character is male which as a woman who reads a lot of books with female leads is a nice change.

His book The Long Road to Jake Palmer was my favorite book of 2016. Click the title to read my review.

So what book(s) Can't You Wait For??


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This one sounds really good. When done well (and I'm sure James will be), these kind of redemption stories are always great reads. (Plus, that cover is lovely!)

Hope you enjoy this! :)

He's an amazing author. If you haven't read anything of his before check out some of his earlier books.

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