Tuesday Top Ten; My Ten Character BFF'S

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Here's another fun top ten post . . . ten characters I'd choose as my BFF!

Anne of Green Gables - no question! She's adopted like me, is spunky and always getting in trouble. She loves adventure. Plus having a close friend is important to her.

Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House. The kind sweet girl who is as kind as possible to mean Nellie Olsen. My perfect kind of friend.

Eisley from Pepper Basham's upcoming release Just The Way You Are. She's got spunk and sass, plus she's clumsy. I can completely relate to being clumsy.

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Eliza from The Memoir of Johnny Devine. Eliza is a war widow who takes a job writing the memoir of actor Johnny Devine. She is determined, curious, and wants to believe the best of what she's being told.

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You had to know that Hermione would make my list. Smart, and always helps a friend in need, especially Ron.

Cassidy from Love at Any Cost by Julie Lessman.
Cassidy is my kind of girl. She has spunk and sass. The perfect girlfriend.

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Marty from Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly. I remember my mom bringing me home a copy from the women's retreat she attended and I fell in love with the entire series.

Marty is down to earth, has lived through tragedy and found love again. She's the friend you look to for guidance and encouragement.

Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. An adventure girl to the max . . .she traveled through a wardrobe and found Narnia.

Fern from Charlotte's Web. She saves a pig from death. My kind of friend!

Last but certainly not least . . . Ramona Quimby from Ramona the Pest. I adored this series as a kid and could see myself and Ramona getting into all kinds of trouble together.

Well . . . there are my 10 character BFF'S. Are any of yours in my list? If not tell me yours in the comments. And as always, mark your place and keep reading!


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Thank you for the mention (Eliza thanks you too), Andie. I think even a soft-spoken woman can have grit and strength, it just isn't as loud as we are often used to. :) I think it's her quiet strength that tugged on the heart-strings of John, the determined to stay single heart-throb. :) I also have to say Fern from Charlotte's Web is a great friend to have, a passionate champion in your corner. I was in awe of her the moment I first read the book at age 7 and wanted to be that kind of selfless friend. Don't ask me how I'm doing... :)

Andi, I loved so many of these!!! Oh my goodness! Anne of Green Gables? Lucy? Hermoine? (and yes, I'd love to have Eisley as a BFF!!)
Thanks for including her in your list. I can't WAIT to read Camille Eide's book!!!

So true! I was probably 7 or 8 when I read Charolette's Web too. She made the same impression on me. I can't believe I said Charolette instead of Fern. Ugh!

Hi Pepper! You'd love The Memoir of Johnny Devine. When I was reading Just the Way You Are, I thought that Eisley would be a great BFF.

Andie, I didn't even notice... :)

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