Friday, November 11, 2016

First Line Friday . . . Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith

About the book:

Bathsheba is a woman who longs for love. With her devout husband away fighting the king's wars for many months at a time, discontent and loneliness dog her steps--and make it frighteningly easy to succumb to King David's charm and attention. Though she immediately regrets her involvement with the powerful king, the pieces are set in motion that will destroy everything she holds dear. Can she find forgiveness at the feet of the Almighty? Or has her sin separated her from God--and David--forever?
With a historian's sharp eye for detail and a novelist's creative spirit, Jill Eileen Smith brings to life the passionate and emotional story of David's most famous--and infamous--wife. Smith uses her gentle hand to draw out the humanity in her characters, allowing readers to see themselves in the three-dimensional lives and minds of people who are often viewed in starkly moralistic terms. You will never read the story of David and Bathsheba in the same way again.

First Line:

Jerusalem, 994 BC

Darkness curtained the sky, hiding the stars, sheltering Bathsheba in the inner courtyard of her home.

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Sydney Anderson said...

LOVE the blue dress and her dark hair. Lovely!!

My first line:

Summer 1384, Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire, England

"Servants may marry whomever they want, but a king's daughter has no freedom at all."

~The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson

Becky said...

"What better time than a wedding to ask a man to marry you?" From A Convenient Christmas Wedding by Regina Scott

1bgpayne said...

February 1870
“But that money is rightfully mine!”
No One’s Bride by Nerys Leigh
I read it yesterday. I LOVED it!

Andi said...

I can't wait to read this one!

Andi said...

Funny line!

Andi said...

That's quite a first line!

MeezCarrie said...

I'm getting ready to read her upcoming one!

Andi said...

Which one is that?

Beth Erin said...

I love biblical fiction, this one is on my wishlist!

Nick Stafford stared at the half-buried, round-roofed dwelling and realized he couldn't go through with the elementary school principal's edict. Not if it meant meeting with a hermit who lived in a toadstool shack tucked so deep in the forest that woodland mice couldn't find it.
Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne

I couldn't stop at one! I am dying to dive into this one!

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