My Reflection

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking back on 2014 I can't say it was a bad or good year. I know we had changes some for the good and some that weren't so good. And honestly having a "good" year really isn't what my focus is on, instead of asking myself was 2014 a good year, I'm asking myself did I draw closer to God, did my actions reflect what I say I believe, and did I love others as Christ would? My prayer is that I have drawn closer to God, that I my actions and my beliefs lined up, and that I have loved as Christ commands.
Each year my New Year's "Resolution" is to draw closer to God, spend more time in His word, be Jesus with skin on to those who are hurting and need encouragement. These are the things that matter. Losing the twenty pounds that just won't go away, exercise more, eat healthier, watch less t.v., are all great goals, however, for me those aren't things that will change someone's life for eternity, and I want to be an instrument for God to use to bring people into the kingdom.

Your turn . . . What is your reflection of 2014? What are your goals, desires for 2015?


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my "turn" is I'm gonna write my reflections / goals today and post on my blog. love your post, Andi, thanks for sharing. and yes, may we be more like Christ every day of 2015!!!

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