The Bachelor - Ben returns

Monday, January 2, 2012

Well another season of ABC'S The Bachelor has returned and with it is Ben Flajnik, he took a gamble on last season's The Bachelorette and proposed to Ashley and was turned down. This time he's in the driver's seat. Tonight 25 women arrived, one with her Gramma. Yes! Brittany brought her Gramma with her, because she knew Ben was a family man and she wanted him to meet her Grandmother. Boy, did that get all the girls talking. If that wasn't enough one entered in on a horse . . . Lindzi. We had drama, set off by Jenna who asked Monica if she was in "to" Ben, that didn't go over well with Monica and then she went and snuggled on the couch with another one of the girls. Wasn't good. Jenna ended up in the bathroom bawling just before the rose ceremony and surprisingly Ben kept her. WEIRD! After being in the bathroom for 15 minutes at least she looked like she just got out of bed. It's going to be another season of high energy drama!


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