Thursday, February 19, 2015

I just read this post on Instagram by AnnVosKamp here is her blog

… so three days after #The21 were martyred for being People of the Cross? People are walking around with these dust ashen crosses on their foreheads — & they’re saying it, that we are “dust to dust”…. But if I’m only dust — my love alone will not be enough.

If love is all we need — I’ve got a problem.

Because, honest? Our love isn’t enough to absorb the evil that decapitates men’s heads, evil that rapes little girls, evil that steals & sells children as sex slaves.

There’s real active evil that’s not simply people acting — there’s real evil that’s not from any heart in this world, that’s not from any place in this world, that’s not from any mind in this world — there’s a supernatural evil that slithers into the corners of this world and pythons around hearts until it strangles out the light & we scream against the dark.

At some point — your Love runs out & You need a Love larger than your own to *Love Larger* than evil.
The only Love that can come take down the kind of evil that’s invaded our world, has to come from beyond the walls of the world.

Super evil can only be absorbed by a supernatural kind of Love.
The kind of love that sings Kumbayah can’t shake a swaying candle at otherworldly evil — only an otherworldly Love that lets the hammer ring and took on the iron of the nails, that bore the weight of the world on that Cross, can torch straight through the hellish dark of this kind of evil.

Our love will eventually fail and leave somebody out — but Cross love never fails to take all the willing in.

And He knows the only way for your love to be transformed to be like His —
is for Him to give you a heart transplant — for Him to give you His heart.

When it’s His supernatural heart beating in you — that’s what lets you supernaturally love in a heart beat.

Only the undeniable love of the Cross can crush undeniable evil.

So there’s the quiet, startling place where you realize:
Either Jesus is the answer to the ultimate problems of the human condition —
or there is no ultimate answer.


Last night my husband and I attended a wonderful Ash Wednesday service. I left there feeling like I could touch the sky, and today has been a great day, until I read this on Instagram. Now maybe I'm missing something, and that could be very true, however, I don't understand how the execution of the 21 Egyptian Christians has anything to do with Ash Wednesday, other than, like Christ they gave their lives for Christ. 
Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of the Lent season. Lent is the forty days that led Christ to the cross, and for Christians world wide it is for us to stop and draw closer to Christ. I don't see how her take on the execution and those who received ashes on their head in observance of Ash Wednesday correlate. 
The one thing that I agree with is that there is real evil out in the world and the only thing that can crush it is the undeniable love of the Cross.
I still don't agree with her and I believe it is writing like this that can and does cause distention in the body of Christ. 
Regardless of what you think about her words or mine, I encourage you to take the 40 days of Lent and draw closer to Christ. As one of my Pastoral friends said, read through the New Testament, His word is truth, not the worlds view.



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