Thursday, January 27, 2011

okay so last night me and my man are sitting in this class that we've been sitting in since September. Now mind you this class is the next step for those coming out of Divorce Recovery. In this class are also married couples . . . WHY???? IS WHAT I AM WONDERING????? They could not possibly understand what a divorce person has gone through and it was BLATANTLY obvious last night! In the class we have a young married couple and these two think they have marriage by the tail! They need to take a page out of our book! None of us thought we'd be sitting there divorced and a lot of us married Christians and HELLO, it takes 2, 1+0 does not equal 2 and actually to have a marriage it takes 3, 1+1+ GOD to make it work! It was even worse last night with these two, going on about John the beloved disciple and how he was more loved by Jesus than the rest of the disciples or even the world that He died for. Yet He built the church on Peter . . so what does that say? It goes back to each of us having gifts that He gives us to use for His kingdom! John the beloved disciple was who He trusted to care for His mother after He died, that didn't mean He loved him more than anyone else!
I know I'm rambling. I am just utterly frustrated! I think this class is very good, I just don't think it is appropriate for married couples to mix with divorced couples, esp. young marrieds because they clearly do not understand divorce and all the emotions and dynamics that go into it. This couple in particular are just not teachable so it makes no sense for them to be there in the first place.


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