Watch Over Me Reviewed

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Description: Her Rescue Might Be the Miracle They Needed
Things like this don't happen in Beck County.
Deputy Benjamin Patil is the one to find the infant girl, hours old, abandoned in a field.
As police work to identify the mother, Ben and his wife, Abbi, seem like the obvious couple to serve as foster parents. But the newborn's arrival opens old wounds for Abbi and shines a harsh light on how much Ben has changed since a devastating military tour.
Their marriage teeters on the brink and now they must choose to reclaim what they once had or lose each other forever.

My Thoughts: This book is absolutely beautiful! I guarantee you will be able to identify with at least one if not all of the characters in this book! Christa Parrish does a beautiful job of showing how three lives are so completely out of whack and can only be brought back into order by relying completely on God. This is a must read! I loved everything about this book! I highly recommend it! I give it a lighthouse and shine a light on it for pointing a path to God.


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