Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Christian Fiction Carnival!

Okay! Here's this week's question:

Why do you read and review Christian fiction? Do you exclusively read Christian fiction or do you also read general market books?

What a great question Amy! I actually read both. I read and review Christian fiction because I am a Christian and that is where my heart and soul is and where I feel most at home reading. I created my blog actually before I started reviewing Christian fiction, and thanks goes to Deborah >books, movies, and chinesefood< who told me about CFBA I am now reading and reviewing Christian fiction. My Mom gave me my first set of Christian fiction, she brought it back from a women's retreat, I was probably 13. It was Janette Oke's Love Comes Softley series. I still have that series today.


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"that is where my heart and soul is and where I feel most at home reading"

Yes! You put it so well!


It is so cool that you still have that set from your mom. I hate to say that I have not read Janet Oke yet, but she is on my wish list for Christmas! :)

good post. I got back into reading thanks to Janette Okes Canadian West Series

I have never read the Janet Oak series though I have watched the I missing out of some great reads? :)

I love Janette Oke! I was an only child, and every night before bed my parents and I took turns reading from family books - they tended to be Christian Fiction, and many were by Janette Oke!

I just got my post up here:

Have a great weekend! ~ Wendi

I love the Love Comes Softly series, too - it's fairly simply written (easy to read) but still you care so much about everyone!

I enjoyed the movies, too - well actually the first two... after they changed who played Missy I felt cheated. lol Plus she was a little too upbeat for me, it drove me crazy! But the last couple have been good (the ones focusing on Belinda). Have you seen any of them yet?

I love to read also...just getting lost in a book is the best feeling in the world.

Oh yes, I remember reading Janette Oke, too!

I thought I was the only one who has not read Janet Oke!

I haven't read Jannette Oke yet, but have a few on the shelf..waiting.

I'd like to invite you to participate in the first Christian Book Carnival tomorrow! Please come by my blog for details :) It's a weekly event in case you miss this time around :)

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