Monday, June 13, 2022

Betsy (Sewing in SoCal #5) By Sarah Monzon Reviewed


About the book:

Title: Betsy

Author: Sarah Monzon

Series: Sewing in SoCal

Rule #1. Never fall for a musician
Rule #2. There are no exceptions to rule #1

As a professional sound engineer, I’m around musicians every day, so I know what I’m talking about when I say they aren’t boyfriend material. They’re only looking out for number one, and that ain’t you, honey. Give them a map with destination Not on Your Life, Mister highlighted, underlined, and circled for good measure.

That being said, what am I supposed to do with Asher North, lead singer of the band True North and my new boss? My glares don’t intimidate him, and my sarcasm only seems to draw him closer instead of pushing him away. The longer we’re on tour together, the less my rules make sense. And the more he looks at me the way he does, as if he can see right through the wall I’ve so diligently constructed, the more I want to throw those rules right out the window.

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About Sarah Monzon:

A Carol award finalist and Selah award winner, Sarah Monzon is a stay-at-home mom who makes up imaginary friends to have adult conversations with (otherwise known as writing novels). As a navy chaplain's wife, she resides wherever the military happens to station her family and enjoys exploring the beauty of the world around her.

Like most writers, I hear voices, a.k.a my characters, and can't get those voices out of my head until I write down their story (which they tell to me...I have no control whatsoever). Think I'm a bit crazy? That's okay. My husband thinks so too and he still loves me.

My family is my life and I am 100% devoted to them.

I'm socially awkward and canNOT small talk for the life of me. Which, one would think, authors should be good at since we sit and make up dialogue all day. Sigh. I wish that were the case. Thankfully my husband and kids can both talk up a storm so I normally just hide behind them and smile. (This was said in fair warning in case we meet in person)

And because I've admitted I can't carry on a conversation, if there is anything else you want to know about me, just send me a message! Can't wait to hear from you. =)

You can connect with Sarah on these social media platforms. Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 

My Thoughts

I Love Betsy!!!!! She's my absolute favorite! She's snarky, spunky and quirky; all the things I love in a heroine. 

Her determination to not fall for a musician made her antics around Asher so much fun and made me scream "just like him already!"

I giggled and swooned while reading this book! This is a perfect summer read and if you haven't read the other's then grab the set toss them in your beach bag because this is the last book in the series so it's complete and you won't have to wait for the next one.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Cindy said...

I need to catch up on these and I am looking forward to Betsy's story! Great review!

Andi said...

Thanks Cindy! It is a fabulous series and you'll love catching up on them.

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