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The Do-Over by Bethany Turner Reviewed


Title: The Do-Over

Author: Bethany Turner

Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance

Sometimes dreams come true. Other times, the best outcome begins with an epic fail.

Career-driven McKenna Keaton has devoted her life to attaining the senior partnership at her law firm. So asking a man on a date should be nothing. But the past four days have been the worst of her life and have called everything she thought she knew about herself into question. Besides, she can’t remember her last real date—one that didn’t involve using a blind date as an opportunity to get a stranger’s perspective on effective cross-examination techniques. (It’s like sharing fondue with a jury!)

But a real date? And with shy, nerdy Henry Blumenthal—McKenna’s high school rival for valedictorian who once took three hours to beat her at chess? Scratch that. He’s Hank Blume now, the famed documentarian, Durham’s darling son, who has attained all his dreams and more. He also happens to look like he stepped out of an Eddie Bauer catalog.

Whereas McKenna is a disgraced workaholic from New York on unpaid leave, accused of a white-collar crime she would never commit, succumbing to panic attacks, watching her dreams unravel. At age thirty-eight—and destined by the family curse to die before she turns forty—it’s absolutely the wrong time to have a major crush on a man. Especially one who treasures his memories of McKenna as the girl Most Likely to Succeed.

“Pitch-perfect comedic timing, a relatable heroine, and a refreshing sweetness elevate this novel above the sea of modern rom-coms. The rare author who can make me laugh-out-loud, The Do-Over is Bethany Turner at her best.” —Lauren Layne, New York Times bestselling author

“Bethany Turner has crafted a delightful, witty story with zippy dialogue, warmly relatable characters, and hilariously apt pop culture references. I found myself sneaking off to read just one more chapter. I’m still smiling thinking about this book. Reading it felt like eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms mixed with Fruity Pebbles. A colorful explosion of happy.” —Rachel Linden, bestselling author of The Enlightenment of Bees

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About Bethany Turner

Bethany was born in the 1970's (but just barely!) and was influenced greatly by the pop culture of the 1980's. She is the wife of an amazing guy she met online in the 1990's, the mother of two amazing sons, and the creator of a fictional character named Sarah Hollenbeck, who introduced herself to her in the 2010's.

In 2014 she walked away from her career in bank management, and that meant walking away from security, and not just financial security (though that was no small concern, I assure you!).
Since then, God has taken her life and turned it into a living representation of His promise which is found in Ephesians 3:20. He truly is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine!

You can connect with Bethany on these social media platforms. 

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My Thoughts

I have yet to find a Bethany Turner novel that I just didn't love, and The Do-Over is no exception! 

I have adored Will Whitaker, and Max Cavanaugh, but I have decided that Henry Blumenthal is my favorite. Probably because he was compared to my favorite actor of all time Robert Redford. And if that wasn't enough there were references to Up Close and Personal from the 90's so I spent a weekend indulging in that fabulous movie, and I blame it all on Bethany Turner. 😂😂😂

Quote: "Can you put feminism on hold for just a minute and focus on the all-that-is-good-and-wonderful-in-this-world beauty of Robert Redford?

While this was a contemporary rom-com Ms. Turner included an ancestry mystery around McKenna's family. McKenna's father, Scott, was a hoot with his research of their family tree.

All of the characters were fun, real, and engaging. The romance between McKenna and Henry was definitely Ms. Turner's signature swoony style. 

This is a first-rate read and perfect for the beach, so grab a copy and toss it in your beach bag!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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