Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday Bookish Pet Peeves


Hi! Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. This week's topic is favorite book settings and I just couldn't get into that so I'm doing last week's topic since I missed it.

My bookish pet peeves.

1. Dog-eared book corners . . . I abhor this! Especially when someone borrows my book and returns it with bent corners.

2. Someone talking to me while I'm reading. 

3. Not returning a book after borrowing it. I've lost many books that way which is why I am very choosy about who I loan books to.

4. I love stickers, but they do not belong on the back of a book smack dab in the middle of the synopsis!

5. When a series isn't marked and you read book two before reading book one.

6. When the author kills off your favorite character that you've fallen in love with through a series.

7. Use of foreign words without a glossary in the book. Takes time away from reading to look them up online.

8. When the cover art doesn't match the story.

9. An author being raked over the coals because the reader didn't pay attention to the genre.

10. Folding over the cover and breaking the backing of a book while reading.

What are your bookish pet peeves? Let me know in the comments.


Cindy said...

Yes to all of these!!!

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R's Rue said...

Four and five are my pet peeves.

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