Top Ten Tuesday . . . Parrots, Lions, Dogs, Goats, and a Duck???

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I love animals, and when they poke their head into a novel I am already enjoying it makes the book love stronger.

Here are just a few animals and the books they are from.

In book one of Julie Lessman's Love at any Cost, from her Heart of San Francisco series, she has this great parrot called Miss Behave. Isn't that the greatest name? I loved this parrot and this picture of a parrot playing with the keys reminds me of her.

 In Brandilyn Collins' book Pitchin' a Fit she has a cute little Yorkie called Lady Penelope, and she is quite a little trouble maker and very cute.

Tippy, the over-weight, geriatric dog, which I pictured as a basset hound, takes you on quite a ride in this novel.

Charlie and his amazing lions. Charlie is one of my favorite hero's, but I love his lions.

This is one of my favorite books of Mr. Walsh's. Finley is a rescued dog, he ends up rescuing a vet with PTSD, and the girl who trains him.

Sweetness gives her book loving heroine a run for the money the first chance she gets.

Gabby the duck. Really that's all that needs to be said. Jen Turano creates a duck that is the most fun duck I've ever met.

The one thing you can count on with a Jen Turano novel is quirky characters, and if she adds an animal they will be quirky and fun just like the human ones. Ever since I read Charlotte's Web in first grade I've loved pigs. Of course it didn't help that my mother's best friend's husband raised them when I was little. Piper the pig is as fun loving as Wilbur.

A guard goat? Yes, a guard goat, his name is Geoffrey, and created in true Jen Turano style.

Do you have any favorite animals in books??? Let me know!!!


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LOL, Andi, LOVE this post and now you have me wanting to read those animal stories above that I haven't read yet, so good job!!

And, yes, I LOVED both Charlie and his lions too. :)



I love how animals add a quirky sense of drama to the book. Miss Behave's name is my favorite, although I loved Charlie and his lions, and Geoffrey the guarding goat.

Hugs, Andi

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