Right and Wrong!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This post will be a RANT, so feel free to bypass it. If there is one thing that drives me nuts it is people who seem to think that the rules don't apply to them. It came to my attention yesterday that a reviewer has been selling the free copies of the books that she receives. That just chaps my hide! As a review/influencer who has been encouraging and supporting authors for ten years I can't even imagine the nerve to even think about this let alone do it. I believe as a reviewer/influencer my job is to help author's sell their books, not make money off of their hard work!

When you become a reviewer you know the rules, and you agree to them. You agree not to sell the products, so to turn around and sell a brand-new book and pocket the money is wrong on so many levels! It is stealing, plain and simple! Stealing from the author, the publishers, and making other bloggers/reviewers who do their job and sincerely care about the authors look bad. And if one thing ticks me off more than anything it's one apple making the whole bunch bad!

To the authors, I am so sorry that this has happened! Happening in the Christian fiction community makes it 100X worse. While I can't speak for the entire Inspirational blogging community, please know that from the depths of my heart that I love y'all, and what I have the pleasure to do. Holding your baby in my hands to read, be transported to another place and time, and meet people I never would have otherwise is a sincere joy. Each and every one of you have taught me something in one way shape or form and I value that lesson. I promise to never exploit you or your work for any financial gain.


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This. So very much this. It breaks my heart all over again just thinking about it.

As a reviewer, I am so grateful to be able to say that I helped this author or that author reach their goal by spreading the word to non-bloggers about the wholesome goodness within the covers of the books I review. For someone to think it's okay for ANY reason to pocket the money after graciously being given a free copy to read and review, is unfathomable. To not care if the FTC searches you out because "you've been blogging for 10 years" is something that just shouldn't happen.

Thank you for sharing this and know that I too vow to authors to not exploit for money! #BloggersBackingAuthors

This a Great post. I agree with every word of it. It's time we stand together as bloggers and make it about the author and their books. The authors work so hard and make very little money for all there hard work.

Thank you for sharing this and know that I to vow to authors and publishers to not exploit for money! #BloggersBackingAuthors

Ladies, I love your support! We so need to band together! Thanks for creating the hash-tag. That is soooo cool!

God Bless!

Very well said! I agree 100% with this. I would be honored to get to review books for authors and give honest reviews. But taking advantage of what they have so earnestly devoted so much of their time into and then let someone else make a profit from it to me is so totally wrong!

Oh my word! You all are such a blessing and treasure!

I agree 100%
I feel blessed and honored to be given the privilege to receive the works of art in words from the authors! They work hard, loose sleep and pour their hearts into these books. I am shocked and upset that someone who was supposed to be trusted treated this privalage with such blatant disregard.

Love/ hate this post. Hate the way some people are. Love our Authors and supporting them an I am humbled to be given the privilege to review their work.

I'm with you, Andi, i am horrified and saddened that someone would think this is okay! thank you for speaking out. I think - hope and pray - that the authors we know and love know most of us are not underhanded, sneaking, conniving thieves! I think they know who their reviewer-friends are, and who they can count on to have their back - which really is what your post does!!

Shinyhalo, Jennifer, Trisha, and Robin,

In ten years of blogging I have never in my life come across someone as heartless as the person who has done this, and to have them respond, well I've been blogging for 10 years - which isn't true - she didn't care what the FTC did. Talk about arrogant! Like Mary said we as bloggers and reviewers need to band together and back them!

Anonymous -

Why are you anonymous? We're a safe group here. I agree with your position. I am seriously ticked off about this, and the person(s) attitude, but I felt as if I had to take a stand. If we do nothing and say nothing it will be like we approve of the behavior when we don't!

Thanks for all your comments. I'm sure our beloved authors appreciate the support!

So as a Christian, let he or she who has no sin throw the first stone. The reviewr ib quedtion happens to be my wife who has sold books in the past with the authors permission to help fund missionary trips and other world causes. The sale of books that she has sold was also for a fundraiser of a local Christian boy who lost his service dog due to loud fireworks scaring the dog, causing him to jump the fence and get killed by a car driving by.

I hope and pray that as Christians you see the bigger picture and understand the why before you Crucify with hurtful comments... my wife has had so much support from the Blogging and Publishing houses until 1 woman decided it was her sole duty to throw stones at another Christian.

I will pray for all who have negative comments without knowing both sides of the story.

To protect your wife's privacy I won't mention her name or blog. You are saying that your wife is the person who offered to sell a new release to another blogger who didn't make the tour? WOW! I don't care about why she was selling it, as a reviewer/influencer we agree to not distribute or sell the products we receive for any personal gain. From my pov you are making it sound as if she did nothing wrong, and whoever saw her try and sell the book is the one in the wrong. I don't buy it. However, if she can provide the houses and publicity groups with proof of why and that she had permission this will probably go away as fast as it started. My purpose in writing this post is to show the authors and publishers that I have their back and I will never sell or distribute their babies for my own personal gain. It's sad that your wife didn't fully understand or appreciate the gift she was given.

As an author, I would like to say that I don't expect reviewers to sell my books. Sometimes, a reviewer will ask me if they can donate my books to their library, etc. I encourage that.

However, my main concern would be that the review was actually done. There was a gal a couple of years ago who asked for books to review, didn't review them, and sold them. She was just in it for the money. Her name was distributed to various publishers and she was removed as a reviewer.

Before I became a published author, I was a reviewer for several years. I can tell you that the books pile up. No one can keep them all. I would suggest a little understanding for this person who, as far as I can tell, wrote the reviews. Her decision may have been entirely innocent. She certainly wasn't trying to hide it. I hope a good discussion between reviewers and authors can clear up the confusion without causing strife.

Thanks for caring about us - and trying to make sure we aren't taken advantage of, Andie. You've been a long time supporter of authors, and it's appreciated. :)


I know who the blogger in question is, and apparently this isn't the first time. Also with her disregard for the industry and authors, such as yourself, which is apparent when her comment back is "I've been blogging for ten years I don't care about the FTC." Really, now?! Also as stated by her husband above the authors knew she was doing this. Well, No they didn't. At least the author who's book she tried to sell didn't have a clue. I think that is where the problem lies. I know for myself I get nervous taking them to my church library, because those who know what I do and I don't want them to think they can do just anything with that book, because I love and care about the authors I review for.
Nancy, you can always count on me to have your back and I will do my level best on my end even if it's just writing a blog post like this to bring awareness.
#BloggersBackingAuthors #BloggersRespectingAuthors

This entire situation is disheartening. As a blogger/influencer, I love sharing great books with other readers. My favorite emails or messages are those from people asked, "what should I read next?" It's a joy to promote Christian fiction authors because their stories can be ready by my nieces or by my mom with a faith-filled message. For someone to take advantage of authors for their own bottom line is unfortunate and reflect poorly on the majority of those reviewers and bloggers who respect authors and their hard work.

Personally, I have been reviewing a long time and I've never sold a book. Not even sold a book I bought! I give book away. I would never sell them. EVER.
I personally feel that if this blogger wanted to sell books to fund a missionary trip, she would have been better off to count on God to provide for this trip He laid on her heart. He would have done it without her having to dishonor her word to the author. It was really foolish to sell books entrusted to her, knowing that the truth would come out. There's an old saying, "Where God guides, He provides." He would never approve of someone breaking their word to serve Him in any endeavor. Just my opinion.

This whole situation breaks my heart. I've seen it happen a lot lately, from several different people.

I love reading. There have been times in my life when reading was literally a lifesaver. I can't always afford to buy books (the library near me is small and has very little in the way of Christian/Inspirational books) and being able to review is a Godsend. I cherish these books!! Authors work HARD to write them!

Yes, they do sometimes pile up, but that's ok because later I can look at them with fondness and good memories! However, if that is, or is going to be, a problem, there is a simple solution: DON"T REQUEST SO MANY!!!!

I appreciate your concern and you writing this post. Like I said, I've seen this a lot lately from multiple people and just wasn't sure what to do, thank you for stepping up and bringing it to light.

(Could I reblog or copy portions of this for my blog?)

Thanks again!

(aka RobbyeFaye, aka Robbye)

WOW, I had no idea, Andi, so thanks for the helpful "rant"! ;) It's reviewers like you, my friend, that bless the socks off of authors, myself included.


Andi, what a wonderful post!

Normally, I am quiet when it comes to commenting back on negative comments. I read anonymous' comment earlier (the husband of the blogger) and I had to speak out -

Firstly, you are taking the "Ye without sin" verse out of context - Saying because we sin, we should not confront others about their sin is unbiblical and unsound theology. Paul confronted Peter about his sin and was not wrong in doing so (Galatians 2) Paul also called out others for their sin by name - Alexander, Hymanaeus & Philetus (2 Timothy 2:16 - 18, 1 Timothy 1:18 - 20) Just to name a few. 1 Corinthians 5 can be referenced in this situation as well. It is not wrong to confront a persons sin. In fact, it is Biblical. I think of it this way...If I know a person is walking down a path filled with land mines, robbers, and danger, is it loving for me to let that person take that path where they can get hurt? Is it loving to support them in doing so? That is not love - I would truly have to hate that person to not say anything. If I truly love that person, I would be cautioning them. I would be waving red flags and putting up caution tape. Sin has consequences - sometimes very severe ones. We need to be waving the red flags.

Your comment makes it sound like it was okay for her to sell the books because it was for a good cause. Selling those books violates the law...it is illegal. No where in the Bible does it say the ends justify the means. Even if the authors gave permission, it is still illegal. The law is the law and as Christians we are called to submit to it's authority (Romans 13) unless the government tries to supersede God's law which is clearly not the case here. Regardless of the motives, this was wrong, a sin. As Christians we are called to repent of our sin when we are confronted with it not say, "ye without sin cast the first stone" to justify it.

Please look at these verses and consider them. It would have been easier to let this pass by and not say anything, but I was concerned.


I haven't heard this saying . . . "Where God guides, He provides." since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I highly agree and in my opinion I don't think there is any excuse good enough. He states that his wife had the author's permission, however the author of the book she attempted to sell on a FB group had no clue. I'm glad that we are having this discussion so new bloggers understand the rules and know that other bloggers are watching so they won't attempt to do what this one has.

Robbye, you are welcome to use this blog post in it's entirety as long as you give me credit and link it back to my blog. Thanks for asking before just using.
You may not know this, but the more you review the more books you receive that are unsolicited, meaning I didn't ask to review them. I am thankful that lately I've been receiving those in electronic form. Not that I don't love having books around me I just don't have the space.

Julie, this all came to a head yesterday after this person tried to sell an ARC to another blogger in a FB group on Tuesday. I was beyond shocked and upset. I knew I needed to say something, not only to bring awareness but to let the authors that I love know that I have your back and I won't exploite your work for my own personal gain.
Hugs, Andi

#BloggersBackingAuthors #BloggersRespectingAuthors


I agree with you 110%!! My hubby even said Jesus called out the woman at the well with her sin. We are called to hold other believers accountable, and like you said we need to be waving the cautionary red flags so that others don't fall into this trap.

What's hard for me to understand is that on every single google form that I've filled out or email I've answered regarding participation in a blog tour has stated that the materials received for this tour is not to be sold or distributed. So how in God's name do you even think that you can sell a book ARC or not after writing the review? I have no clue how a person could sleep at night after doing that is beyond me.

Sandra Barela, you said it perfect!


Thank you for this post. I suddenly saw reminders of this rule all over the internet but without any clear explanation as to why this was suddenly on everyone's minds. It seemed like such an obvious rule, to me, I couldn't understand why it was suddenly an issue everyone was talking about. Now I understand and I wish I could say I was astonished. I am appalled, but sadly not astonished. It doesn't seem to matter what group you're in, there is always someone who doesn't think the rules apply to them.


Your reply was dead on. Very well said.

Thank you, Jennifer! Xoxo

Suzie, I love getting those emails too and I have a huge list for them to choose from.

I think it's hard in our community of bloggers to keep anything secret for very long. Lol
We blog because we love it and the authors, we also feel things deeply. As I told my husband earlier today I am glad that we are talking about this openly and honestly. I hope that this will be a cautionary tale and lesson for new bloggers and a warning that we are all watching what is going on around us. 💖


After much thought and prayer, I have decided not to reblog after all. I feel at this point it would seem like overkill. However, thank you very, very much for your willingness to let me reblog your post, I appreciate it.



I appreciate you asking me before hand and I also understand your position. I am thrilled that I will get to know you in Tamera Alexander's street team.

Andi, a wonderful post!! I've been blogging for about a year now and I feel honored to help my favorite authors promote their books. I too can't imagine why anyone would want to this.
I hope whoever this is doesn't upset the apple cart for the rest of us.
Maybe we should pray for that person

Thanks Lori. I believe our discussion about this situation has brought bloggers/reviewers closer together and I believe the authors know who they can count on, which is what my hope was when I wrote this.

Seems like there are a bunch of Pharisees on here.

No, not at all! A choice was made and she got caught! If everything you say is true she can back it up otherwise her reviewing days are done!

I donate some of the books to the library ! And I let my mom and a lady from the church read them ( my print books). I cannot keep every book I get for reviews! I do keep most of them! But I do not sell them!

Donating and loaning the books is fine. Selling for any reason is not okay. Nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals love books. Their budget doesn't usually allow for purchases like those.

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