Friday, February 17, 2017

First Line Friday Week 7

About the book:

Single mom, Eisley Barrett, prefers to keep romance safely housed within a centuries-old mystery, but when she travels to England to unearth the secret, an actor with a sordid past offers her reluctant heart a very different type of discovery.

Wes Harrison has a past he’s ashamed to confess. Suspicious and cyncial, he’s managed to avoid romantic entanglements since a tragedy upended his career and life, that is until American Eisley Barrett comes along. Her authenticity and kindness upend his bitter assumptions and send his heart into unscripted territory.

When his past threatens to ruin a second chance at love, can some Appalachian matchmaking and letters from the grave salvage their unexpected romance?

First Line:

One step into the massive, glass-walled waiting area was all it took. In a cataclysmic chain of events, someone bumped into Eisley Barrett, sending her purse and all of its contents skittering across the glossy floor of Heathrow International Airport. 

I know that is more than the first line, but I had to give you more. This book is due to release in April, and you are not going to want to miss it!

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Anonymous said...

I love that book so much!

My first line today comes from the first book in Tamara Leigh's medieval 'Age of Faith' series, The Unveiling:

~~Lincolnshire, England, October 1149~~
A nightmare seized him from sleep, turned around his throat, and filled his mouth so full he could not cry out. Desperate for air, he opened his eyes onto a moonless night that denied him the face of his attacker.

englishmysteriesblog said...

The Elusive Miss Ellison
Carolyn Miller

And the first line is...

St. Hampton Heather
Gloucestershire, England
June 1813

"'Why, Livvie! Whatever are you doing?' Lavina Ellison placed down her gardening trowel, swiped perspiration from her brow, and smiled up at her friend. 'Good Morning, Sophy.'"

Happy reading and happy Friday!

Beth Erin said...

Pepper's books are just so delightful, aren't they!

Sam wouldn’t lose another kid on his watch.
Rescue Me by Susan May Warren
It's so good!

Andi said...

Tamara Leigh is a favored author. Great line! Happy Friday friend!

Andi said...

They are! Susan May Warren is a favorite too! I have this on my kindle to read.

Andi said...

Happy Friday!
I didn't request to review this one because I was already booked. Lol
Sounds good though.

Becky said...

I CAN"T WAIT TO READ Pepper's new book!!! My first line is from an old book that, although I don't have it's publication date, it was a present in 1908 to someone. "It appears to me, looking back over a past experience, that certain days in one's life stand out prominently as landmarks, when we arrive at some finger-post pointing out the road that we should follow." But my very favorite line is: "The heart knoweth its own bitterness, Phoebe, and it may be that in your place I should fail utterly in patience; but if we will not lie still under His hand, & learn the lesson He would fain teach us, it may be that fresh trials may be sent to humble us." from Uncle Max by Rosa Carey

Caryl Kane said...

I'm so excited about Pepper's new book!!!!

My first line comes from The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards.

He was alone.


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