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Sunday, January 22, 2017

This has been a crazy week. On Sunday I left with Mark on a semi and was gone until today. We went to Texas to deliver a load, picked up a load in Arkansas, to bring it back here to Boise, ID for delivery in Oregon. If you think truck drivers are not professional I challenge you to spend a week with one on the road. They have at least three time clocks to keep track of while driving, not to mention finding their way around an unfamiliar city. What seems to be the hardest thing is finding a parking spot at night at the closest truck stop. It was an eye opening experience to say the least! I love my husband, and enjoy spending time with him, however I am a true home body and enjoy time at home doing my own little routine. I especially like using my own toilet and shower.

While I was gone our new President was sworn into office and women marched at every capital in our country, for women's rights. I am not sure I completely understand why they marched, other than to continue to complain about Donald J. Trump being our President.

I am a woman, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and I don't believe for one second that since Donald J. Trump was elected President that my rights as a woman have been removed. Actually since his election I feel as if for the first time in eight years my voice was heard. I know a lot of people are very upset about this election and I know how that feels, because I felt that way in 2008. I just wish people would give him a chance to lead instead of jumping to the conclusion that he is against women, how? Ivanka is his right hand man, and a woman ran his campaign. To me that shows that women are important to him, and that he values them. I won't deny that he said some deplorable things in his past, and he's the only one that has ever said anything that wished they hadn't? I sure have, more than once and I sure hope it is not held against me forever!

At one time we were all a baby inside our mother's womb. My birth mother was only 14 when she found out she was pregnant with me, and she didn't get pregnant because she climbed into the back seat of a car with her boyfriend. She was raped, and her mother wanted the family doctor to abort me, my birth mother at the very young age of 14 told her mother NO, gave me to my parents, a young couple who were desperate for a child.
Women say they want the right to do with their body what they want, when they talk about having an abortion they don't say anything about the rights of an unborn baby girl. Doesn't she have rights like any other female? I think she does, and I also think that any baby boy or girl has the right to life, even if the way they arrived wasn't "planned." God took the rape of a young girl, something horrible, and turned it into a beautiful family.
When you think about abortion please think about adopted children who have lives and parents who have children that they longed for.


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