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Sunday, November 20, 2016

I was introduced to Sandie in 2010, her book Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida was the first book I read and reviewed of hers. I remember giggling my way through that book, and every book I read and reviewed of hers since then has been filled with her Live Out Loud Fiction. I never had the opportunity to meet her in person and I am saddened by that. She loved her readers and always took the time to answer an email or stop by and leave a comment on a blog review.
Like most of the Christian fiction community I am saddened and shocked to learn of her sudden death. While writers will continue to write, and readers will continue to read, the Christian fiction community lost a gem, and will not be the same.
I know she is in Heaven spreading her wit and joy around, she's probably laughing and joking with Christ around the throne. I will miss her and her writing, I thank Jesus for bringing her into my life six years ago and introducing me to her. If you have not read a Sandie Bricker novel I highly recommend you pick up a copy, I guarantee that you will not be sorry.

Love you, Sandie!


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