Daughter of the Cimarron by Samuel Hall

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Divorcing a cheating husband means disgracing her family, but Claire Devoe can’t take it anymore. Forced to provide for herself, she travels the Midwest with a sales crew. Can she trust the God who didn’t save her first marriage to lead her through the maze of new love and overwhelming expectations? The long twilight of the Great Depression—with its debt, disgrace, drought, and despair—becomes the crucible that remakes her life.

Daughter of the Cimarron is the fictionalized tale of the author’s mother as she went from ragtime to breadlines, from the silent cities and melancholy towns to a dugout overlooking the Cimarron Canyon, from brokenness to strength. 

This book is based on the author's parents during the time of the Great Depression. It is a very interesting read, slow in places, and it ended abruptly, however it shows how women were treated at that time, and how difficult it had to have been in the position Claire was, with a cheating husband, and divorcing. My grandmother divorced her first husband because he was abusive and married my grandfather in the 1930's. I heard about what my grandmother went through, I couldn't imagine living it.




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