The French Executioner by C.C. Humphreys

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It is 1536 and the expert swordsman Jean Rombaud has been brought over from France by Henry VIII to behead his wife, Anne Boleyn. But on the eve of her execution Rombaud swears a vow to the ill-fated queen - to bury her six-fingered hand, symbol of her rumoured witchery, at a sacred crossroads. Yet in a Europe ravaged by religious war, the hand of this infamous Protestant icon is so powerful a relic that many will kill for it... From a battle between slave galleys to a Black Mass in a dungeon, through the hallucinations of St Anthony's Fire to the fortress of an apocalyptic Messiah, Jean seeks to honour his vow. 
 C.C. Humphreys was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in Los Angeles and London. A third generation actor and writer on both sides of his family, he returned to Canada in the nineties and there his writing career began. He won the inaugural playwriting competition of the New Play Centre, Vancouver with his first play, 'A Cage Without Bars' which was produced in Vancouver and London. He was a schoolboy fencing champion, became a fight choreographer and thus turned his love of swashbuckling towards historical fiction. He is married and lives in Finchley, North London.
My Thoughts:
I am a huge Tudor fan and I was thrilled to be asked to read and review this book. It started out really interesting, not your typical Anne Boleyn book. This book is about the swordsman who killed Anne not really about her, and the desire for her hand because it is believed to have six fingers on it.
For me, this book has to be one of the worst books I've read, and I have read a lot of books. The ridiculous sexual references were not needed in my opinion, an entire chapter devoted to "Orgies" with reference to Sodom and Gomorrah sealed the deal for me!
All in all this was a waste of my time.  I do not recommend it!!


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