Pieces of My Heart by David L. Wood

Monday, May 19, 2014

“Pieces of My Heart,” is made up of 82 bite-sized, short stories about lessons found in everyday life.  They are meant to encourage us to respond to God's gentle call to us, if we will dare to open our eyes and ears to see and hear Him.  Each story is about anything and everything I encountered along this ride we call "life" and the ways God used it to teach me about Him. It is my hope that these stories will draw the reader closer to the heart of God.
My original intention was to keep a journal for my 6 daughters so that they would always have a piece of their dad with them. Since it was uniquely my thoughts filled with my humor and my experiences, in my mind, I looked at it as actually giving them a piece of my heart.  I wanted to give them something that they would be able to read long after I left this world, and hoped that my written words would bring me back so that my memory would never fade in their hearts.  I pictured my daughters reading these stories to my grandkids and then my grandkids could read it to their kids when they became parents…and so on. I suppose it was the legacy I desired to pass on to future generations.
Through the social network Facebook, I began to share some of these stories with people and the response was very good.  Several people told me I should write a book and each time I laughed it off.  Then God began to speak to me about touching lives beyond my own family. When I was connected with a small Christian publisher, the journal I started in 2001 transformed into a book. Now you too can share…along with my daughters…in “Pieces of My Heart.”

David’s personal journal that is now a published book was started in 2001 with the intention of being a gift to his daughters in his later years so they would know what their dad thought about things in this life. The purpose was to capture for them a glimpse of himself, his thoughts, his crazy humor, so that even after he was gone, it might bring comfort and courage to them by leaving an actual piece of his heart behind in words. But God kept pressing David to share it more widely as a blessing to anyone who wished to read his stories. Out of this conviction, eighty-two of these stories made the transition from journal to the published book called “Pieces of My Heart.” David’s hope is that these stories will spark thoughts about God’s constant involvement and intervention in our lives and stir a sense of how much He cares about every detail that is important to us. David would say, “God is here now, right with us, all the time…closerthanthis.”
It has been said that pain in our lives creates a “sacred wound” that the Lord can use to touch others in their times of difficulty. As you share David’s experiences, thoughts and questions about life, he hopes you will feel less alone and comforted by our Father in heaven who loves us all so deeply. More than we can ever imagine.
David resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife, Denice, and works as an engineer at Micron Technologies. He is the proud father of 6 beautiful daughters and “Papa Dave” to 7 grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girls. He enjoys almost any sport, especially softball and racquetball, and also enjoys recreational time on his boat with family and friends. One of his greatest joys is serving as a guest worship leader at churches and speaking about his book in his local area.

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My Thoughts:

I am in small group with David and his wife, Denice. I was honored that Dave asked me to read an review his book.
This book is a treasure, and very inspiring. It reminds me of Chicken Soup for the Soul, only a lot better!
Dave shares his heart in this book through short snippets of daily life, which are heartfelt and inspirational. He ends each story with a verse(s) that relate to the story. This is a book that can be read over and over again, and you will gain new insights. I highly recommend it!


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