A Royal Baby

Monday, July 22, 2013

Across the pond the littlest prince was born to Dutchess Kate and Prince William. It seems like the world has been waiting with baited breath for this newest little royal. Most believed that Kate would have a little girl, policy in London was changed because they thought a girl would be born, so that if a boy was born second he would not usurp his older sister's chance to reign.

The little prince wasn't so little; he tipped the scale at 8 lbs. 6 oz. Now, we wait for a name for the little one.
Speculation is that he may be named George, yet there are other possibilities . . . Arthur, Henry, Charles, William, Spencer to allow Diana to be apart in some way.

What are your thoughts?

I am partial to William George Spencer!!!

The Brotherhood Conspiracy

Tom Bohannon's discovery of an ancient scroll led him on an international adventure and through mysteries of faith and politics, ending in a place not even he could imagine: the Third Temple of God hidden under Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But soon after his remarkable discovery, the future of the world changed again. Tom watched as a chasm tore apart Temple Mount, as new rivers swept through the Kidron Valley and into the streets of Old Jerusalem, their discovery swallowed by an earthquake, crushed under tons of stone and debris. A biblical prophecy realized. The final days were upon them.

Wondering how to recover from such a momentous find and such horrendous destruction, Tom's adventures are not over. No one knows how much time is left in these last days--a year? A hundred years? A thousand? Plagued by murderous dreams, Tom fears members of the Prophet Guard--killers who wear the Coptic cross with a lightning bolt slashing through it--are back and looking for him. But they are not the only threat to Tom and his team. Forces behind the Arab Spring have sinister plans. And underestimating their determination would be a fatal mistake.

The same fast-paced, page-turning prose that readers loved in The Sacred Cipher is back in Terry Brennan's eagerly awaited sequel, The Brotherhood Conspiracy.

My Thoughts -

I read Sacred Cipher and it was a great book, so I was excited for this book! I wish that this book had come out after Sacred Cipher, I think it would have made more sense. I got lost with all the characters, and some of the storyline. I did go to my Bible for some clarification which was good.

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