The Men Tell All . . . or better known as the Whinners Whine!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Des, the men tell all, or rather the whiners whine!

The show starts with Chris’ prattle about the guys who gave Des such a hard time.
Then he and Des hit the road to see all The Bachelorette parties. We get to check in with Jason and Molly, JP and Tricia. I love JP and Tricia!

We get back to the set and now girls from former seasons are going to weigh in on how to handle a bad – boy.
Ashley, Emily, and Allie are with Des helping her how to deal with the guys she is nervous about.
They all give her some great advice.

As the guys are introduced there are cheers and boos, especially for James and Ben.
Juan Pablo seems to be the fan favorite!!!

The show clips from the show with all the drama. The guys don’t hold back. It is pretty wild!

Ben is in the hot seat first. He used his son to get to Des, and there were definitely some issues with why he was there. His comments in the limo were so wrong! He gets booed about his exit and limo comments.
He still does not own up to what he said, or that he was there for fame, not Des.

James is next. He goes on about how he was attacked by four guys and he didn’t know how to handle it. Kasey attacks James for the conversation with Mikey about making it to the final 4, and if he didn’t get Des he at least had the chance to be the next bachelor.
James keeps saying that he was mad, like that matters, when he told Des he was falling for her, but he had a back up plan.

Juan Pablo has a huge fan base, and he wants a family, he wants someone to be a mother to his daughter. He is really genuine.

Naked Zak is up next. Chris teases him saying thanks for wearing clothes. ;)  The invisible poem that he wrote in the back of the journal was really sweet!

Finally, Des comes out! I was getting a little bored!

Stalker, Jonathon apologizes for his actions the first night. Hey, James, Mikey, Ben, and Brian check out the real man in the group!!!!

Ben SHUT UP!!!! He still wants Des to think his behavior is okay. OMGEE!!!

She goes after James saying that while she liked him, he was thinking of his second wife while he was with his first. She hit the nail on the head! He doesn’t have to agree, which he doesn’t. He manipulated her and he doesn’t want take ownership!

Juan Pablo, she doesn’t say his name right which is cute. She said she probably got the most hate mail sending him home. He wants to know why he never got a one on one, she tells him she chose the dates according to the relationship and she was considering his daughter too.

Zak is going to sing. He is in love with her and saying good-bye after the home towns was hard. Sadly, it is part of the process.

The bloopers are hilarious!

Preview of the season finale. . . that is two parts.

We see all kinds of shots of Des kissing the guys, and she is in Brook’s arms last and she says she loves this man. Then it is Chris H and Des and she is in tears.
The guys don’t even get what is going on.
All the emotion and tears are just horrible.

We will see next week!


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