The Invention of Sarah Cummings (Avenue of Dreams Trilogy #3)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sarah Cummings has one goal in life--to break into Chicago's high society. Desperate to stop serving dinner and to start eating at society tables, Sarah alters cast-off gowns from the wealthy Banning women to create lustrous, flattering dresses of her own. On a whim at a chance meeting, she presents herself as Serena Cuthbert, weaving a fictitious past to go with her fictitious name. But as she gets closer to Simon Tewell, the director of St. Andrew's Orphanage, Sarah finds that she must choose between the life she has and the life she dreams of. Will she sacrifice love to continue her pretense? Or can Simon show her that sometimes you don't have to pretend for dreams to come true?
Olivia Newport brings us back to Prairie Avenue to explore the place where class, social expectations, and romance come together. Readers will enjoy following the intrepid Sarah as she searches for true love in a world of illusions.

About Olivia Newport

I’ve been married for over thirty years and have two twenty-something kids. We live in stunning Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where the day lilies in my back yard grow as tall as I am. (No short jokes, please.)
Not every piece of my life is pretty, though. Some days I want to throw out whole chunks. But I am living each day looking for the grace of God to me, in me, and through me. Having your companionship along the way will help uncover a lot of great stories.
Thanks for stopping by my site, where conversations and adventures begin with a click. I hope we’ll run into each other often.

My Thoughts:

Olivia makes Sarah a character you want to care about. Her parents have died and she became an orphan living in the St. Andrews Orphanage, she then becomes a parlor maid with Banning family as a very talented seamstress. What she does with clothes is amazing, which reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.

Because of her status, she has not had any friends or a social life. On her day off she walks into a store and meets Lillie, someone way above her status. Sarah is dressed in a dress she has created that grabs Lillie's attention, and she is determined to have Sarah buy this hat.
When Lillie asks Sarah's name, she spits out Serena Cuthbert, she has no idea why she said that name. This begins the Invention of Sarah.

Lucy and Charlotte make their appearance in this final installment of this series and it is always fun to have returning characters.

This was a fun book that kept me up late reading.  I recommend it!

*Available September 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.*


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