Desiree Week 5, Munich, Germany

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It opens with snow capped mountains, sledding, fireworks, intimate conversations with Chris, tears, and kissing.

Chris welcomes the guys on a cobblestone road by a statue. He tells them that it is Des’ first time in Europe, and she is excited to experience it with all of them.


1 on 1, a group date and a 2 on 1, if they don’t receive a rose on the 2 on 1, they will immediately be going home.

The guys are put up in a sweet, old hotel that is beautiful.

Date card arrived, and Chris gets the first one on one. The date card is in German, and he reads it, very, very, interesting.  They are just going to explore Munich with their trusty phrase book.

Brydon, Military Dude, is still not happy about being there and plans on telling Des that he is going to leave, and he leaves the hotel in search of her.

Chris and Des are being silly and goofy, which is cute to see.
They were dancing and cue in Military Dude who crashes their date. He asks Chris if he can borrow her for just a second and he will return her.
She knew it was coming, she was sad about it; she just wanted to get back to Chris, because she was sad. Chris made sure she knew he is there for the long haul.

The group date card arrives and Kasey gets it.
Juan Pablo
Zak - Naked Texas Dude
Drew – Jake’s mini-me
Mikey – meathead

Oh boy! That means Michael and Ben, the most hated have the 2 on 1 date. Look out for fireworks!
They haven’t even left and Michael is talking smack about how he is going to get rid of Ben.

Cut back to Des and Chris. They are in a beautiful ballroom. She asks him what he wants, and he lets her know that he is ready for a relationship, for a family.
He has written a poem for her, and he reads it. She is very touched by it especially after the day she has had.  Chris seems to have a way to bring her back to center.
He goes on and on about how you can tell by the way someone kisses you their feelings. E-Gad dude, shut up already! She gave you the rose.

Matt White begins to play and they are dancing. She believes she can trust Chris with her heart.

Group date:

They are going to go play in the snow. James is complaining saying that after a AWESOME one on one, going on a group date is like being with a herd of sheep. Oh and they have something so unique and so special none of them can touch it.
In the gondola Des is in awe of the majestic view of the mountains. There is a yodeler who is funny, Meathead and Kasey try yodeling, they should stick to their day jobs, and Des thinks it is great that the guys are embracing the culture.

Sledding down the huge mountain, is like a car crash waiting to happen. Des bites it but is a great sport about it. They finish up with a snowball fight, Des says it’s like re-living her childhood.

Back at the manor, we have Michael and Ben staring in space, a knock at the door and Chris gets up to answer it.  Michael looks like he is going to tear Ben apart, and they haven’t gone anywhere yet. The date card reads . . . two guys, one rose, one stays, one goes. Michael believes that she put him on this date because she trusts him and he is going to out Ben.

Mountain high, the guys are walking up the mountain, Naked Texas dude is commenting on how they are higher than the clouds. They arrive at a door, and when it is open, it is a ice mansion. Very cool!
Brooks lets her know that he is there for her, and they end up making out.
Des and meathead go out side and he wants to make a family of snowmen. She is totally excited and down for it. Then naked Texas dude comes out and interrupts, by yodeling.
Meathead goes on about being in Germany ten years ago and he made a decision and now here he is again with her. Please can I have a bucket!
James and Des talk and suck face, and he is determined that he is going to get the rose. Surprise, she gives the rose to Brooks, because he makes her happy when she is upset.
Really over James! He is not all that, and a bag of chips.

The two head out for their two on 1, in the limo they look like they are going to a funeral. They are going to someone’s  . . . whose will it be?
Des is hilarious! She knows this will be awkward, but she wants to see how they act in an awkward setting with each other. Looking for a smack down much?
Des has a plan for them to do a polar plunge, and just putting their hands in the water is enough. Ben goes on about how he is a competitor especially when it comes to women. They go put on bathing suits, and come out in robes.
Their going to jump in and swim back out, she starts to run to the lake and stops, they are going to be in the lake just on top of it with a hot tug, that is a hot tub on the water. How fun will this be . . . Des is maneuvering it.
Michael is so flipping annoying! He turns into a criminal lawyer quizzing Ben about his son, and then he goes on about how his dad left him, and he was always waiting at the window to see him come to pick him up. Hey, grow up dude! We all have things in our past that suck, but that doesn’t mean you take it out on someone else.

Back at the hotel, Drew – Jake’s mini me is talking about how James was going on and on in the limo on the way back from the group date that even if he made it to being in the top four he had a good chance of being the next bachelor. Drew goes on to say that he is going to inform Des at the next rose ceremony.

At dinner with Ben, and Michael it’s like a boxing match, who is going to take the next jab.
Michael is going on that Ben isn’t getting along with the guys; Ben says he is there for Des, not to make friends. Michael prattles on and Des cuts in and says that she doesn’t want that to be the main focus.
She asks what are some family traditions or new traditions you want to start. Ben goes first and says making Sunday a family day, going to church together. Michael is on the attack and attacks Ben for not going to church on Easter. Really, are you his mama?
She is so uncomfortable, and she may just let both of them go. I would. This is ridiculous!
Ben leaves and Michael feels he has blown his chance for the rose, Des leaves to go talk to Ben.
He wants her to go back inside and eat. He is upset because his religion and fatherhood is being challenged. He lets her know that he is there for her, he misses his son, and that his picture is up in every room he’s in.
She takes Michael for a little chat and wants to know why he is so passionately against Ben. He apologizes, too late dude! He goes on and on about how the way Ben speaks to other guys in the house. Seriously, are we 5, he goes on to say that he is a know it all, a one upper, makes disconcerting comments. That could be you! You act like a know it all, so does Meathead, Naked Texas dude. He has a bar that is his business; guys usually talk about their business or job.
She is having a hard time deciding who to give the rose to. She said she is giving the rose to the person she can see a potential with.
I wouldn’t choose Michael. While I don’t think Ben is a good fit for her, Michael was cruel and mean. That right there would tell me he needs to go, because if I were to choose him how will he be around my family if he doesn’t like someone, or my friends. Bad choice!
It’s too late to apologize for making her feel uncomfortable, should’ve thought about that before you jumped all over Ben.
Ben’s bags are picked up and the guys are jumping around like a group of teen girls! Grow up!
Ben is waving “hi” to Hollywood in the limo, saying that he’s going to enjoy his last night in Munich, and where can he get drunk.
Chris, host and Des are talking about kissing, and he wants to know who kisses the best, she isn’t going to kiss and tell, he asks if you could kiss one guy, who would it be, and she says Brooks! YAY!!! Because their relationship has gone further; Chris comes back and says that is the deep sentimental kiss, if it is pure physical who would you choose and she says Zak. She is blushing the whole time and Chris is clearly getting a kick out of it.
They talk on about the guys and how Brydon leaves, is she falling in love, and what will she do if one of the guys that are left does what Brydon did.
She acts so confident about the guys she has left, so much so she wants to forgo the cocktail party.
The guys wanted time with her, and Jake’s mini me is not happy with not being able to rat out James. James tells her she looks beautiful. It’s like he is trying to win points.

Zak  . . . Naked Texan
Juan Pablo
Jake’s mini me
Mikey – Meathead goes home!!!!

We now have to listen to Drew go on and on about what a jerk James is.

On to Barcelona, lots of kissing, she wants love, the guys go after James, but in the end Des is the one crying.


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