30 Things About Me - Day 12 - 5 Weakness I Have

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 12 - 5 Weakness I Have . . .

1. Weather Frustration - I am a true blue sun bunny who was born in Cali, lived in Florida and Hawaii, and I now live in Idaho. I don't do well with cold weather, and I get grumpy with cold weather. I am learning to be happy in every season.

2. Family Claustrophobia - As a former navy wife, and navy brat who didn't live near any family, and enjoyed the distance as long as it wasn't TOO far, I am now learning how to live near family, and enjoy it! It's a new experience for me.

3. Consistent in Bible reading and Prayer - I get in a good groove for awhile and then I slack off. God is so good to gently nudge me back into fellowship with Him.

4.  Writing - I want to be a published author, yet I get off track and don't write daily like I should.

5.  Books - I am a true blue bookaholic and I get myself in over my head and I am up reading late meet all the deadlines for reviews. I am learning how to say no.


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Andi, I can totally identify with numbers 3, 4, and 5--especially 5! It's so hard to pass up a good book, isn't it? I'm getting better at saying no, but I still sometimes find myself burning the midnight oil to get a book finished and reviewed.


Isn't it great that God is so good that He nudges us and lets us know where we need to be and shows us where we are way over extending.

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