Now I Know Why God Didn't Give Me A Son ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

This last Saturday was our granddaughter, Savannah's birthday. After the party we took her two brothers, Chance 7 1/2 and James 8 1/2 to spend the night. We go to church on Saturday night, so we grabbed something to eat on the way where there was a play place before hand allowing them to work off some energy.
We had not taken children to our church before so we didn't know where they went, etc. The procedure: the kids sit in with the adults during worship time and then go to their classes. Okay, I thought. They'll be fine.
Both James and Chance followed their Grampa out to the coffee bar to get water, while he got coffee. Chance's nose was running, he was sneezing something awful, so I gave him a Kleenex, he blows his nose then opens it to look. I giggle. Mind you we are sitting around couples from our small group. Kristi in front of me says, "Boys." I look at her and smile.
During the singing Chance is wiggling all around, picking his nose. I think I am going to loose it.
James has drank all of his water and is sitting in the chair and is now crumpling his Styrofoam cup. Chance keeps asking me to show him the scripture that they read at the beginning. I show him and he looks at it.
Mark had told them SHHHHHH numerous times.
We have greeted each other and the boys are taken to Cave Kids.
When Mark returns he scoots over to me and says "Not the pristine little girls you're use to huh?" I was rolling with laughter!

Sunday morning the boys fought over who was going to sit on my exercise ball. I thought it was going to come to blows. After we went out to our usual place for a late breakfast, we came home their mom was suppose to be picking them up soon. They each took turns playing a game on my kindle sitting next to me. They fought over that too.

These two are really sweet little boys, they are loving and want to be loved.
I desperately wanted a son when I was raising kids. I wanted a rough and tumble boy so I could cheer him on the football field. I got a glimpse of having a son this weekend and I know why God didn't give me a son. He knew that I was made for raising little girls. I think someone might not have survived if I had a son. Probably me! I would've had them constantly washing their hands, faces, dressed all nice and neat, with their hair combed just right. I can see it now, they would have me in a wrestling hold saying "Mom, cut it out already!"


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