The Vow - Movie - Reviewed

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today my daughter and I went to see this amazing movie. Rachel McAdams plays Paige who looses her memory in a car accident, Channing Tatum plays her husband Leo who does everything in his power to help her remember their life together.

This movie is based on real life events and I was so incredibly touched at how well this movie was done. Channing has mainly been in "teen" movies, Save The Last Dance . . . we saw him really show his acting ability in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Spark's book Dear John and he was great! In The Vow we really see Channing stretch as Leo, Paige's husband. He made the VOW to her and he isn't going to walk away from her, no matter how much her parents get in the way of her remembering her life.

This is a definite must see movie. You will not be sorry you did! Channing and Rachel are awesome on the screen together!

The Four Letters of Love


"The Four Letters of Love" describes love in various forms as seen by the poet; through a lover's eyes, a warrior's heart, a stranger's quest, a dreamer's mind, in the form of allegories, metaphors, quotes and fantasies.

Couple of poems from the book:

Bright Is Your Love

I hear chimes in the air;
bells are ringing somewhere,
the wind blows a tune in my head
the birds greet this song, far ahead,
the sun shines still with warming rays
and a promise for much better days,
the sky is clear, the fog has gone,
clouds are near but the moon is strong,
shining bright in an endless starry night
your love takes me away in its flight;
the tender way you caress my heart
leaves me speechless from the start,
the sweet embrace where you hold me tight
lifts me to heaven where all is bright.

The Space Between Us

The space between us
where our hopes and dreams lay,
where our emotions and feelings surface,
where our fears and insecurities stand.

The space between us,
where laughter echoes,
where tears fill the gap,
where love pulls us closer,
where pain keeps us apart.

The space between us
is where we stand on different grounds,
the thoughts we share combined,

the space between us
is you and I,
together and apart.

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