A Sweethaven Summer - Reviewed

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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A Sweethaven Summer
Guidepost Books (February 7, 2012)
Courtney Walsh


Courtney Walsh is a published author, scrapbooker, theater director, and playwright. Her debut novel, A Sweethaven Summer, will be followed by two additional novels in the series. She’s also written two papercrafting books, Scrapbooking Your Faith and The Busy Scrapper. Courtney has been a contributing editor for Memory Makers Magazine and Children’s Ministry Magazine and is a frequent contributor to Group Publishing curriculum. She works as the PR Manager for Webster’s Pages from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her husband and three kids, who range in age from 4 to 10. Courtney drinks entirely too much coffee.


Suzanne's daughter, Campbell, journeys there in search of answers to her questions about her mother's history.Suzanne's three friends-Lila, Jane, and Meghan-were torn apart by long-buried secrets and heartbreak. Though they haven't spoken in years, each has pieces of a scrapbook they made together in Sweethaven. Suzanne's letters have lured them all back to the idyllic lakeside town, where they meet Campbell and begin to remember what was so special about their long Sweethaven summers. As the scrapbook reveals secrets one by one, old wounds are mended, lives are changed,

and friendships are restored-just as Suzanne intended.

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Sweethaven Summer, go HERE.

My Thoughts: Campbell's Mom, Suzanne wants to talk to her one night and tell her all about her father, when Campbell arrives at her mother's home she finds her on the floor and she never wakes up. Suzanne lost her battle with cancer and left Campbell with a lot of unanswered questions. When she arrives back at her mother's home after the funeral she finds a trunk and inside of it has pictures of friends her mother knew in Sweethaven, where she spent her summers as a teenager. She also finds cards addressed to the same friends and Campbell decides to mail them.
This leads Campbell on a journey of discovery of who she is, and who her mother was.
This is an awesome debut novel! Hard to believe this is Courtney's first book.
I was captivated from the first page and read it straight through. I highly recommend this book! It will make my top reads for the year.


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