Plain Fear: Forbidden - Reviewed

Monday, August 13, 2012

Book Blurb:
Rachel Schmidt Nussbaum, a young widow, is now seven and a half months pregnant with her first child. She blames herself for her husband Josef’s death and she believes that she is being punished by God for her past sins.
So when a stranger arrives claiming to be an old friend from her wilder years, saying only she can fix things for him, for Josef, and for herself, she makes an impulsive decision to follow him. Thus begins a journey that will lead Rachel to the depths of ultimate danger, the potential for new love, and a battle that will decide both the fate of her soul and the life of her unborn child.

My Thoughts:
I am really enjoying this series. It is not your A-typical Amish book and that is what I love about it. It has a real "BITE" and with all of the same ol' Amish books out there I love something different and this is right up my alley! If you are looking for something different in Amish fiction give this series a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!!


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