The Familiar Stranger - Reviewed

Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Blurb;
Craig Littleton's decision to end his marriage would shock his wife, Denise . . . if she knew what he was up to. When an accident lands Craig in the ICU, with fuzzy memories of his own life and plans, Denise rushes to his side, ready to care for him. They embark on a quest to help Craig remember who he is and, in the process, they discover dark secrets. An affair? An emptied bank account? A hidden identity? An illegitimate child? But what will she do when she realizes he's not the man she thought he was? Is this trauma a blessing in disguise, a chance for a fresh start? Or will his secrets destroy the life they built together?

My Thoughts:

This is an over due review. When I first received this book for review I was in the middle of my divorce and I just couldn't handle the story in this book. I picked it up again and finished it in just a few days. I fell in love with Denise and my heart went out to her. Early on a Sunday morning her husband Craig decides he's not going to church he's going to go on a hike, while Denise and her boys go to church she gets a phone call that he's been in an accident on the side of the road and he's being rushed to the hospital. What begins to unfold is almost too hard to believe. Each day Denise finds evidence of a double life that her husband Craig has been living. Told in his and her's first person perspective it made the book very personable and believable. The ending left it open for a sequel which I hope to see Christina write. If you haven't read this one I highly recommend it!


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