R. A. N. T. Idaho Food Bank . .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I don't normally rant on my blog . . but right now my dander is up over the Idaho Food Bank. They receive donations yet charge the people who come to the various food banks that they deliver food to. They call it a delivery fee. I don't care what you call it, the food that they receive are all donations. There have been numerous food drives for the needy people in the Treasure Valley, they have even been on T.V. asking people to donate food. I don't know how in good conscience they can charge people.
When someone gives a donation that means that it is free. I mean we all know that if we donate to the Goodwill Store it will be sold, but I don't believe when we give a food donation we have any idea that the food bank will be charging people.
My husband has been working with a food bank for a few years and the food banks that they distribute to have to agree not to charge the people that come through their doors or they won't deliver food to them.
People come to a food bank because they need the assistance, not to be charged for the food that was donated to help them.
Idaho Food Bank doesn't just get donations from individuals they receive them from grocery stores as well.
Our church has a care house that gives out food and we don't charge one cent for the food that is given to those that come through the doors.

With the Christmas season food banks across the country are going to be in need of food for people, please check out the food bank and make sure they don't charge those in need.


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I had no idea a fee was charged at some food banks. I'll be sure to check as my husband and I donate often. Thanks for the heads up.
On another note, did you change your blog design recently? It looks great!!

Hi Mary,
You're welcome. I didn't know until my husband told me about this particular food bank here in Idaho.

No, I haven't changed my blog design. It's been like this for a couple of years. Thanks! I like it!

Hm, I must be thinking of another blog. Have a good day!

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