Our Beautiful Day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello all my friends & followers . . . I got married three weeks ago and it was the absolutely best day of my life! While I have been married before this time I chose wisely - 1. before I got into a serious relationship after my divorce I allowed God to be the lover of my heart; 2. I created a list of what I did, and did not want in a mate because after being married before I knew what I did and did not want in a mate. 3. While I visited online sites, accepted dates from guys I knew, I waited for God to let me know when it was right, and I started it out as purely FRIENDSHIP! Let me repeat that . . . each relationship I was in, it was purely FRIENDSHIP FIRST!!! I knew from my previous marriage, plus all that I have learned in the three years of being divorced that for any marital relationship to last it has to start out as friends first. Mark and I talked for a full entire month on the phone, or internet before we even began dating. Our entire relationship is solidly founded on friendship and God and it has been an absolutely wonderful adventure that has just started. Here are some of the pictures from our wedding.

Our Table

Our table for the sand ceremony.

We got married at my folk's home, I'm peeking out of the master bedroom.

Us creating the unity sand

Us with my folks

Us with all the folks.

This was read as apart of our wedding and it really brings 1 Corinthians 13 right into focus.

Love looks to be patient with each other. Love looks for ways to show kindness to each other daily. Love looks to be happy when your spouse gets blessed with something you didn't get. Love looks through the binoculars of humility passed the microscope of pride. Love rejects the temptation to be rude to each other. Love seeks to give to the other and not to get. Love chooses not to be offended at each other, but seeks to give grace and forgiveness to each other instead. Love crashes the hard drive of wrongs done to each other. Love places a healthy boundary against evil thoughts, attitudes, actions and behaviors. Love celebrates & dances with the truth being proclaimed. Love always finds way to protect and respect each other. Love always catches us when we fall backwards. Love is anchored in hope for God to be at work in every trial life brings. Love always perseveres the sweetness of each others value and life. When you love each other in this way your marriage will never fail. Inspired from 1 Corinthians 13.


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