Holy Guacamole! Reviewed . . . Happy Cinco De Mayo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Debut authors Dan and Denise Harmer deliver a thrilling food-lover's adventure in Holy Guacamole. The culinary tale hurtles a television chef and a washed-up sports writer into a harrowing escapade that may cost them their lives.

When Trace Domingo is accepted into Chef Bonnie Miller's culinary boot camp, a life-threatening journey into Bonnie's past unfolds. In a vulnerable moment, Trace discovers part of Bonnie's closely-held secret. She hasn't yet decided to trust the "bootie" when a crisis makes the choice for her. The pair embark on a race against the clock across southern California and northern Baja in Mexico.

Laced with local references, historical sites, and culinary delights, Holy Guacamole is a fun summer beach read.

My Thoughts: Trace Domingo is an aspiring chef who watches his favorite T.V. cook, Bonnie Miller everyday. She has a boot camp for those who want to become chef's. You have to be accepted though. Trace gets his call. He's excited, though he arrives late, and when he gets there and watches a taping shots are fired at Bonnie. He tries to protect her. This is just the beginning of mayhem! This is a great summer beach read! I highly recommend it!


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