Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something I just don't get, or will never understand! Why those who have gone through the train wreck of divorce would be in such a hurry to find another partner to get married to and not take the time to heal and recover from before getting into a new relationship, especially one that could lead to marriage. If there is one thing that I will preach until the day I die to divorced men and women it is that you have to give yourself time to heal, and recover, and you also have to be whole in Christ before you can be with anyone else! This is not a process you can RUSH! It is something that you have to do with Christ and allow Him to take His time to grow and stretch you into who He wants you to be. If you rush this process or skip it you will be missing out on countless blessings, and could potentially set yourself up for failure . . even another failed marriage. So take your time and enjoy getting to know yourself - as God has created you. It is a wonderful blessing!


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