Emily's Chance ~ Reviewed~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emily Rose may be in the tiny West Texas town of Callahan Crossing for the moment, but it's just a rung on her ladder to success. Her work at the Callahan Crossing Historical Museum will look good on her ever-growing resume as she attempts to break into the prestigious world of a big city museum curator. Little does she know that cowboy and contractor Chance Callahan has decided that he can convince her to stay--both with the town and with him. As he helps Emily restore the town's history after a devastating fire, can he help her uncover the value of love?

My Review: This book started out really enchanting and I was really looking forward to reading this book. Then it went into all the details of the fire of the museum and I got bored real fast! I couldn't even get past the second chapter. All that was discussed or argued about was the fire and money to rebuild the museum. I


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