Ali's Turn week 3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good grief what a crazy Bachelorette episode this was! I would never believe that "men" could act like drama little girls about the most ridiculous things!

On this weeks episode Ali had a one on one with Roberto and it was adorable. They flew in a helicopter to the top of a building in LA - during the flight Ali of course was hanging on to Roberto and he was holding her close, Ali said that was a manly thing and she liked it. When they got out of the helicopter they walked over to the edge of the building and there were harnessess and a tiny wire from that building to the other, which was where they were having dinner. She asked him as they were getting ready to start "Are you ready to fall for me?" his response "Are you ready to fall for me?" It was cute! Halfway through their balancing trek Roberto had her stop and turn and they had their 1st kiss on a high wire. It was AWESOME!
I like Roberto because he isn't afraid to show his emotions, be real, and when he taught Ali how to salsa and throw the knuckle ball, he didn't treat her like she was stupid. NOTE to MEN everywhere! Women want to learn new things!!!!! However . . . it is a HUGE turn off to be treated like we're stupid and be talked down to and Roberto does not do that. On their date he laid out a blanket on top of the building so they could cuddle. He really knows how to treat a lady.

Then there was the group date that was the beginning of the guys acting like little girls! Bare Naked Ladies have a new song that goes along with the process called Run Away, that they are all going through and so a group were involved in this video and those that did well would be featured in the video. The guys were given their scenes and the fur started to fly! Because this person was going to be kissing her, hugging her, in the tub with her, and when Kirk ended up in bed with her kissing and didn't stop when the director called CUT you would've thought Kirk was committing a mortal SIN! I have never in my life seen guys act so ridiculous, I mean getting mad and picking on Johnathon because he got embarassed about kissing Ali for the first time in public, in a video. And then Frank buddying up to Jesse because they are the two who had the first one on one dates and Frank thinks that they have some special bond. This group date was way worse than the calendar date, yet just as childish.

Poor Justin! I don't even know what to say other than these guys are so jealous of him they can't even see straight! Because he took the iniative and walked all the way from the guys' house to Ali's to have some one on one time with her, and the moment it came out at the rose ceremony the guys had a FIT like flippin two year olds whose mama's told them they weren't getting dessert. They need to grow up and the two instigators are CraigR and Ty! Craig want's to puff out his chest and say this is his job to see through liars . . . well, I have lawyers in my family and he's a piss poor one, you don't make a call without having all the facts and he doesn't! As for Ty, he's in medical sales . . . and he's just plain mean! They went off on some tangent that because Hunter had his one on one with Ali the day that Justin walked to her house that made her late for the date and Hunter didn't get his fair share of time therefore that is why he didn't get a rose and went home. UH WRONGO JERKO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You weren't on the date nor were you watching it! There was no chemistry between Hunter and Ali, so she sent him packing! And she wasn't late at all!

Ty and Craig were shut up when Ali gave Justin a rose and told him "thanks for showing me what you'll do for me."

My favorites right now are Roberto and Justin. I do like Chris L and Jesse. Chris L talked to Ali about his tattoo's WHICH ARE SMOKIN HOTT! Why he has them and what they mean.

Stay tuned till next week! :)


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