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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Description: Sammie Carpenter understands how a uniform influences behavior. Wearing her Army fatigues puts her in the mindset of a soldier and donning her Class-A Uniform always helps her shift into Captain Mode. So what harm could come from her dressing like a saloon girl and strutting through the streets of Tombstone? She didn't know how to flirt to save her life, and she wasn't getting any younger.

When she met the lonesome stud cowboy, Jimmy, she knew he was the one. So why was their communication always so awkward? Couldn't he see that she was interested in him? No matter how hard she tried to win him over, she couldn't seem to get him to see past his first impression of her. But Sammie didn't give up easily. Somehow she would make him see that they were meant to be together, but how can she do that when all of her plans keep falling apart?

My Review:

Michelle is one of my favorite authors! She writes about feelings, urgings, and longings that we've been told we're not suppose to think about or talk about. What's even better, she does it without fear or trembling! Her characters are real, and honest; they're just like us, not perfect and they struggle daily with issues just like we do. Each day we have the opportunity to make a choice on whether we live for God or not. While this book is steamy with the romance between the characters, Michelle doesn't stray away from the inspirational message. This is another Home Run for Michelle, and I can't wait to read the next one!


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