Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok, Jake has seriously LOST IT! He has heard all the talk in the house about lil whiney baby Vienna and then he plans a double date with Gia and Vienna. Vienna thinks he's her man and got all bent out of whack when Jake takes Gia off for a one on one. She even has the nerve to take a bottle of wine and some glasses and go into Jake's room and cozy up to him later that night because they were staying the night there. At least Jake had the "decency" to tell her that it wasn't a good idea, or fair to Gia or the other girls for her to be there. EGADS! This girl is seriously T R O U B L E! With a capital T!

I am starting to like Tenley. I still don't think she is ready for a serious relationship yet, however I'm not sure that Jake is either. From watching them on their one on one I can see the potential for a great relationship. I could see them discovering love together. Which would be great to see since they have both been hurt.

Ali is my number one fave! She seems to light Jake's face up immediately, and they have so much fun together. I like that she is completely 100% honest with him. Not afraid to tell it like it is. I liked how Jake pointedly asked her about Vienna and she answered him. She doesn't like Vienna and she doesn't hide it. Yet she told him that whatever his choice is that is fine with her.

It was sad to see him let Corrie go. It obviously made him sad. On they're one on one he felt as if he had made a break through and knew he needed to make a decision because of the home town dates coming up. However it was quite clear that letting Corrie go was not easy on him. Which leads me to wonder why is trouble maker VIENNA still there. It is quite clear she is not there for him. She is there to WIN something not to have a relationship and get married. I mean seriously! When she talked about marriage she talked about it being a 16 yr old boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. HELLO!!!! Earth to Vienna! That is not what marriage is lil girl! It is work! Lots of hard work! Ask those of us who put lots of time and energy into it and are divorced due to no failure on our part.

Looking ahead to the home town dates; it doesn't look like things go well. I see more heartache for our bachelor.

Stay tuned for more On The Wings Of Love . . . . .


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OMG.. I could not agree with you more on every girl. Not sure what he sees in Vienna, really. She does act like she is a teenager in high school, not a mature adult wanting to get married. I like Ali too, and I liked her the minute she stepped out of the limo the first night. She seems very genuine and honest, and I thought that when he asked her about Vienna, she handled it perfectly. But I have a very bad feeling about next week....

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