Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All I can say about week 2 of ON THE WINGS OF LOVE with Jake is that this boy needs a real WOMAN to help him weed through the shark infested waters of these girls. 99.9% of these girls are pure DRAMA, and I should know I raised 3, and I had one who had drama follow her like a cloud, and still does. She reminds me of pig-pen from Peanuts . . . instead of dirt it was DRAMA! And I say girls because they act like h.s. girls chasing the captain of the football team. So far there is only one girl that has even the remotest possibility to go all the way and that is Ali. She is the only one that is being herself, not undermining the other girls, as well as being honest with Jake. I couldn't believe that one of the girls ROZLYN had the nerve to get into a relationship with one of the staffers on the show. I mean there is speculation that she didn't she may have just "flirted" with the said staffer, either way she said and she looked into Jake's eyes and said she was there for him, so why would she "flirt" with anyone if she was truly there for Jake. It just truly disgusted me.

I don't know what is going to happen from here. One thing is for sure Jake needs to get rid of Vienna, Tenley, and Elizabeth so he can get down to business and get to know those that are true and genuine. Not the DRAMA clad ones who have no intention of going all the way to the finish. I mean seriously . . . Elizabeth's note was a JOKE. Don't kiss me unless your willing to say I-Do was such a pitiful excuse to try and get close to him. I mean seriously . . . be real or go home!


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