Tuesday, January 5, 2010

YIKES is all I can say about this season of the Bachelor! I missed it last night because I was with my single's group watching the BSU game. I know I'm a die hard GATOR fan, so you're probably wondering what I was doing watching the BSU BRONCOS play in the FIESTA bowl. Well, as my Dad says . . . when in Rome, do as the Romans. LOL. I love being with the singles so I don't miss an opportunity to hang with them. So . . . this morning I watched the Bachelor online and boy let me tell you I'm beginning to wonder where they find these girls?!? I mean seriously! And to make matters worse they brought back Jillian and Ed to help Jake out, like they are two bright spots that have any idea on how to pick the right person! I mean C'MON!

Let's start with

Ella - she is 30, a hairstylist, a go getter, from TN. From my prospective too pushy. We'll see

Elizabeth from Nebraska - she is 29 a Nanny, living in LA. She's ok.

Ali - she is 25 from Williamstown, MA. She resides in San Fran. She is a Advertising Account Manager. Out of all the ones he kept, which is the only ones I will post about. I like her the best. She is real, down to earth and didn't put on any airs!

Tenley - she is 25. resides in Huniting Beach, Ca. She is not over her ex husband and so she has no business being involved in a show like this. She kissed Jake and said she'd never kissed anyone but her ex - husband which was a RED flag to me that she wasn't healed from her marriage and so she had no business to be involved with the show.

Vienna - she is 23 resides in Sanford, FL. Marketing representative.

Christina - is 25 resides in San diego, and is a restaurant manager.

Gia - 26 swimsuit model, lives in New York, NY.

Michelle - 25 resides in Anaheim.

I can already see just from last night's show that there are some very unstable women and I really feel sorry for Jake.


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First of all, were you sad after the Gator game on Friday? I was glad we won, but sad since it is the end of an era. And I was still moping over not going to the championship best friend and I were so planning on going to Pasadena

I love this show! This years girls are already crazy though. I think I like Elizabeth and Ali the best but there are some strange chicks on there! And I want to know about the drama... I know what happened, just not which girl it was!

Yes I was super sad about the Gator game! I can't believe we won't see TEBOW as the QB I mean it will just be weird and super sad. Plus as I've already said before Bama just got us on a off day. We would've beat the snot off of them.

As for this show it's crazy! I don't like Elizabeth, Vienna, or Tenley. Ali is the only one being real.

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