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Montana Rose

Barbour Publishing, Inc (July 1, 2009)


Mary Connealy


Mary's writing journey is similar to a lot of others. Boil it down to persistence, oh, go ahead and call it stubbornness. She just kept typing away. She think the reason she did it was because she was more or less a dunce around people—prone to sit silently when she really ought to speak up(or far worse, speak up when she ought to sit silently).

So, Mary had all these things, she want to say, in her head; the perfect zinger to the rude cashier, which you think of an hour after you’ve left the store, the perfect bit of wisdom when someone needs help, which doesn’t occur to you until they solve their problems themselves, the perfect guilt trip for the kids, which you don’t say because you’re not an idiot. She keep all this wit to herself, much to the relief of all who know her, and then wrote all her great ideas into books. It’s therapeutic if nothing else, and more affordable than a psychiatrist.

So then a very nice, oh so nice publishing company like Barbour Heartsong comes along and says, “Hey, we’ll pay you money for this 45,000 word therapy session.” That’s as sweet as it gets.

Mary's journey to publication is the same as everyone’s except for a few geniuses out there who make it hard for all of us. And even they probably have an Ode to Roast Beef or two in their past.

Mary has signed an exclusive contract with Barbour that will have her writing eighteen (18) books for them over the next four years! This book is the first in the Montana Marriage Series. The second book will be the Husband Tree, and the third will be Wildflower Bride


Fire up your love of romance with Montana Rose.

When surrounded by a mob of ill-bred, foul-smelling, women-hungry men, the newly widowed and seemingly spoiled Cassie “China Doll” Griffin has no choice. Marrying handyman Red Dawson seems the only alternative to Cassie’s being hitched to a brutal rancher. But can this “China doll” bear exchanging smooth silk for coarse calico? Red was reluctant to be yoked to an unbeliever, but sometimes a man has no choice. Will Red change Cassie’s heart by changing her name? Wade Sawyer is obsessed with saving Cassie from a marriage of convenience. How far will he go make her his own?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Montana Rose, go HERE

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hey guys,

I just haven't written a post that is not a review of something in awhile so I thought I'd write today and catch everyone up to date on what's going on. I'm guessing everyone is pretty much aware that I am now living in Idaho. It's quite a change from Virginia. The weather is a lot nicer. When it's sunny we don't have 90% humidity to go along with it. I'm also enjoying being around family. The only thing I really don't like is the church scene. I'm not a real fan of a MEGA church. I got really use to being apart of a small community, and when I say small I mean only 20 to 30 people in the church. I liked that we didn't care about the kids walking around and making noise. It was very casual. I am just really having a hard time in the church department. And seriously when I look around on a Sunday morning in the sanctuary there aren't a lot of people with SMILES on their faces as we sing or really during any part of the service. It seems as if people are really just going through the motions. That their there because they're suppose to be.
Kris is doing good. Other than being in total pain from volleyball tryouts. She made JV which she is completely fine with. She didn't want to make varsity saw the girls and saw the drama. LOL She's excited to start school.
Over all things are going really well. It doesn't seem possible that we will be here two months this coming Saturday.

Review of The Believer

Book Description: Will a forbidden love destroy all they know?
Elizabeth Duncan has nowhere to turn. In charge of her younger brother and sister after their parents die, her options are limited: she can give in to the unwanted advances of an odious landowner--or she can flee. When Elizabeth hears that the Shaker community in the next county takes in orphans, she presents herself and her siblings at Harmony Hill. Despite the hard work and strange new beliefs around her, Elizabeth is relieved to have a roof overhead and food to eat. But life gets complicated when she finds herself attracted to a handsome young Believer named Ethan. Ethan has never looked on the opposite sex as anything but sisters, but he can't shake the new feelings that Elizabeth has awakened in him.
Will Elizabeth be forced to leave the village to keep Ethan from stumbling? Or could Ethan's love for her change their lives forever?
My Thoughts: This is a hard review to write; when I was contacted by Baker publishing about reading and reviewing this book I was really looking forward to it. The description sounded great, and the book started off really good. However, about 50+ pages into it the book's pace slowed, there was too many characters to keep track of, and the story line just didn't have enough energy to keep everything moving along. Yet, I did learn about a group of people called the "Shakers" that I never knew about before, who are similar to the Amish, and the Quakers who live in small united communties. This wasn't a home run for me. That doesn't mean you won't enjoy it. If you like books that are centered on communities like the Amish and Quakers this may just be a book for you. So give it a try.
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