Friday, August 21, 2009

Okay, time for me to rant just a bit! It's my blog and I'm allowed! While I'm glad to be away from my soon to be EX in the east. I love being west, but living in a little town stinks!!!! Because Nampa is a little town so are the way they see things. I tell you they have little mind mentality! And in a big way! They can't seem to see things in the big picture. Everything is looked at in the small little town way. They don't see things outside the box, meaning that what is right in front of them is the most important. Most have lived here all of their lives, no where else and they don't know what's outside ID. It's very frustrating for someone who has lived all over and know that things can and do function more efficiently elsewhere.

Instead of trying to make things enjoyable for the students at the high school they run it like a college. I wonder why . . . Nampa Nazarene is just down the street. Lets get the kids all ready to straight from high school onto Nampa's campus. Like that is what I want for my daughter! Went to a Nazarene college, not my plan for my daughter; she can go where she wants!

High school is suppose to be fun, as is the sport a student chooses to play. Not if you live in Nampa! You can just forget that! The coaches take the fun out of the sport by working the players so hard that their vomiting while running the mile during conditioning for volleyball tryouts. New students get put on probation for grades from their last quarter when the school year hasn't even started, and the athletic director knows nothing about the student or the circumstances surrounding that student. It's just these are the rules . . . plain and simple! The big picture is you find out about the new students who make the team and work with them. Not ping them off the bat. Especially when the coaches say that for the students who've been at the school they won't know about their grades until half - way through the season. Talk about a double standard!

If that isn't enough when it comes to registering for classes your herded in like a bunch of cattle to pick your classes. After taking 3 years of German your student is told she needs to take Spanish because she will need it because of the area she now lives in. She was also told that her Drama class wouldn't count for a speech class . . . why I have no earthly clue. The last time I checked in Drama you stand in front of people and SPEAK!!!!!! After choosing all of these classes you then WAIT for the schedule to be done and then make any changes. It's utterly ridiculous!

I'm hoping and praying that I will get use to this "mentality" in time. Right now it's hard to swallow with my lil girl in the middle of it.


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