Divorce, Dating, The Church, & God

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the last year since I've been separated from my cheating husband, and working towards getting a divorce from him I have sought God's word and Godly counsel each step of the way. I find it interesting that there are all kinds of Opinions not all Biblical regarding when someone can start seeing someone. I think this is all really interesting. Do I think that someone should jump right into a relationship when you're just recently separated. NO! However, do I think it's okay to date while you're separated and waiting on your divorce to be final. Yea, I do. And I'll tell you why . . . First I believe that Jesus came as He said in Matthew to fulfill the law, not abolish it. For me, that means He came to make it personal. Meaning He's going to let you know if you shouldn't be doing something. It's not the churches job or anyone elses job to tell you what you can or can't be doing. We know how God feels about divorce, we also know that an adulterer would have been stoned in Biblical times. However, in all of my study of God's word I can't find one reference that says that the victim of the adulterer, abuse, or whatever caused the divorce HAS to remain faithful to the marriage vows until the divorce is final. I also find this kind of "legalism" if you will something that divides God's people. This is not what I believe God meant for His word to do. His word is to be a light, encourage each other, not divide. This is apart of my life right now, and I'm very sensitive to it. I also know that each day I want to be an encourager not a discourager. It really is amazing to me how some with out even thinking about what their saying or implying can really affect someone's day. Divorce is not an easy situation for anyone involved. Some days it's an onslaught of crisis after crisis. Others it's not too bad. These may be just jumbled thoughts, yet they're from my heart and I wanted to share those with you.


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I know things have been rough for you, dear one. It grieves my heart.

Thanks! It's been a long road this last year. I've learned a lot about myself, and while it hasn't been fun all the time, I'm so incredibly thankful for what it has taught me. Love you! Andi

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