Review of The Believer

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Description: Will a forbidden love destroy all they know?
Elizabeth Duncan has nowhere to turn. In charge of her younger brother and sister after their parents die, her options are limited: she can give in to the unwanted advances of an odious landowner--or she can flee. When Elizabeth hears that the Shaker community in the next county takes in orphans, she presents herself and her siblings at Harmony Hill. Despite the hard work and strange new beliefs around her, Elizabeth is relieved to have a roof overhead and food to eat. But life gets complicated when she finds herself attracted to a handsome young Believer named Ethan. Ethan has never looked on the opposite sex as anything but sisters, but he can't shake the new feelings that Elizabeth has awakened in him.
Will Elizabeth be forced to leave the village to keep Ethan from stumbling? Or could Ethan's love for her change their lives forever?
My Thoughts: This is a hard review to write; when I was contacted by Baker publishing about reading and reviewing this book I was really looking forward to it. The description sounded great, and the book started off really good. However, about 50+ pages into it the book's pace slowed, there was too many characters to keep track of, and the story line just didn't have enough energy to keep everything moving along. Yet, I did learn about a group of people called the "Shakers" that I never knew about before, who are similar to the Amish, and the Quakers who live in small united communties. This wasn't a home run for me. That doesn't mean you won't enjoy it. If you like books that are centered on communities like the Amish and Quakers this may just be a book for you. So give it a try.


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