Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am so incredibly over so called "CHRISTIANS" tearing apart this couple! Jon and Kate had two sets of multiples and they were asked by TLC about airing their daily life as a show. They chose to do it. I don't believe they had any idea how popular they would become or that they would become "stars" in a sense. I can't believe the headache they've had to endure with the paparazzi, tabloids etc. And now when things have become unbearable because they can't even live their daily life as just Jon and Kate and the kids with all the headache. They've chosen to separate and instead of trying to UNDERSTAND. . . so called CHRISTIAN bloggers - writers, etc are ripping them to shreds. Who in the ______ do they think they are????? Have they walked in their shoes? Tried to have a birthday party for their children with the paparazzi just feet away - I think NOT! What Jon and Kate need from the Christian community considering that they are CHRISTIANS is support not being ripped apart! I challenge anyone to walk in their shoes and not go a little nuts. And I'm not talking about having 8 kiddos. I'm talking about invasion of privacy. They agreed to have America view them on TLC what they did not agree to was having the paparazzi and the tabloids make them food for the public and lie about them, to the point that they couldn't even breathe. So the next time you think about saying something about Jon and Kate . . . think about your Mom and Dad, sister and brother, aunt and uncle, gramma and grampa . . . how would you feel if it was them being torn apart in the tabloids?


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I totally agree!!!

I read Tricia Goyers post and came on over to check out your blog. I read your profile and for what it is worth...I am so very sorry for what you are going through regarding your marriage ending...I cannot imagine the pain caused by that type of betrayal and my sincere prayers are with you.

I agree with you 100% about how no one should be ripping a part others. Only God can really know what is deep inside a person's heart.

I have read so many posts about J&K+8 and many have been hateful and mean spirited and that hurts my heart. However, the post I had a different feeling about Tricia's post. Even before I read the comments, I thought...Finally a post about this couple that is not ripping them a part...a post that is saying "That must really hurt and although I am not in the same situation...I in some way identify."

I hope that last part of my comment did not offend you...I think we both read the same thing and came away feeling differently.

Blessings to you. Angela

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