Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm prepared . . . flame me if you must . . . I have a lot to say about the deaths of these to celebrities. I was born in the 60's so I was a kid in the 70's and watched Farrah on Charlie's Angels. I had the blow dryer she advertized, wanted her hair . . . remember the boys in my neighborhood who had her poster. Remember when she married Lee Majors, and then went on to live with Ryan O'Neil. I didn't even know she had cancer until I saw the ad's for her t.v. special this last May. I was heartbroken! Here was this beautiful, vibrant, full of life woman reduced to almost nothing. Ryan was living "Love Story." It was horrible! She had really come in to her own as an actress playing great role's in t.v. movies. Yet she was fighting and she wanted us to see that. Having had my Granny, Aunt, both die of Cancer I know it's not a pretty thing. It tears your body up! Farrah had the finaces to seek out medical treatment outside of the U.S. which kept her alive many more months than she probably would've been. My heart breaks for her family. Especially her father having lost two daughters to this horrible disease. Here's what is really unreal Farrah and Michael die on the same day and her press coverage is nil compared to his. SHE WAS FIGHTING TO LIVE! He was taking drugs . . . tell me what is wrong in our society here?
In the same right I had the Jackson 5 ABC 33 1/3 album. I saw Michael in concert in San Diego. He was a great performer and I won't take that away from him. However, I think all the press coverage is just absolutely ridiculous! He is not a god, king, or any other such person. He was a performer plain and simple. I don't like all this talk about could he, did he, possibly convert because he spoke to the Crouches in preparation for his new tour. Who cares! Seriously! It's not like he led any life that would be even closely resembling Christlike. He was an accused child molester who settled out of court so he wouldn't go to jail. I didn't watch any of the memorial today, I knew I wouldn't be able to stomach it. What I did see in news clips was hilarious! It wasn't a memorial service it was a CONCERT! Talk about the Jackson family milking this for all it's worth. Good grief! And I heard one commentator compare Michael's service and press to Princess Diana's. I wanted to go through the t.v. Diana was a humanitarian Michael was so far from that. What's really really sad is that our men and women in uniform who fight daily for this country's freedom don't receive this kind of press coverage when they return home in a casket, or in any other manner! They're the ones that deserve it! One of these days the people of this nation are going to wake up and realize that the true icons, are those that wear the uniform not the ones who wear a glove.


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Nicely said.

I was bummed when Michael's death overshadowed Farrah's. You could hardly find her on the internet once he sucked up the headlines. I felt bad about that.

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