Review of InThe Footsteps of Paul

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Description

Follow a trailblazer’s path and see for yourself all the places that Paul visited . . .

Paul’s missionary journeys are much more than mere dotted lines on rough maps at the back of your Bible. His travels changed the world, and when you, too, follow In the Footsteps of Paul, you’ll experience those amazing journeys more powerfully than ever. The lens of renowned photographer Ken Duncan traces everywhere Paul is known to have traveled. Ken’s stunning photos, combined with Scripture and writings from noted authors, creates an exciting platform for experiencing the life and times of one of the apostles who introduced Jesus to the Roman world and beyond.

My Review: This is a beautifully written book! The pictures are breath taking and you feel like you are literally walking in the Holy Land. I could sit and look at this book over and over again! Ken Duncan did an absolutely fabulous job on this book! This book will sit out where everyone can see it and enjoy it! I highly recommend this one! I give it a lighthouse and shine a light on it for lighting your way to God.


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